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  1. Can we lock up Guliani and throw the key into the ocean?
  2. He's suing everyone that voted against him
  3. maldini11

    Welcome VvD

    Adrian peterson had the same injury and won the MVP of the Nfl the next year
  4. Saying Tuesday now. But a Chiefs qb from their practice squad tested positive also, can't see it being played this week
  5. Titans vs steelers to be played on Monday or Tuesday. Vikings vs Texans will be on Sunday
  6. Lol in my defense I have Tyler lockett, but I didn't check other teams names. I'll change it
  7. Well, always fun to lose by 0.48 points in fantasy
  8. So there is no cbs league this year right?
  9. So Suarez going to team up with Chiellini? That might leave a mark somewhere.
  10. maldini11


    Who's the manager of everyone again?.
  11. maldini11


    It seems why they are shutting everything down is because we don't have enough hospital beds. So seems like they expect the majority to get it? Or we already got it? Nobody is telling us anything. Mike pence was smiling at the press conference this morning. Saying the government was working 24/7 work this out? This virus has been here for 4 months at least. We should know how to react.,..
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