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  1. It's great when you find an elusive track, especially when the album doesn't disappoint too. I've spent hours chasing tunes around the internet with nothing more than a lyric sometimes. I've got another of their albums Boulevard, and although it's not as good as this, it's a fair listen. This is another track I heard once, then chased to find. More cosmic funk with a Space 1999 type lead..
  2. I've got some Hispanic friends in Texas voting for Trump. The argument is that deportations were worse under Obama...
  3. Wolf Creek. I had no idea what I was watching when I flicked channels to it. But Irréversible .... f***ing hell.
  4. Got visions of an occult sacrificial ceremony summoning Cathulu, or the Stay Puff monster.
  5. It took the Primary vote in Nevada for the Democratic party to get its act together to destroy the actual progressive candidate.
  6. Let them go to it! Idiots.
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