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  1. A couple of good build vids showing how to use an airbrush and when.
  2. Best get paint premixed for airbrushes, there's a few lines out there now, otherwise you'll need to thin down the paint to the consistency of skimmed milk with what ever medium it needs. So enamels and acrylics need different thinners (which you'll use to clean your brush with). Tamiya paints can be thinned with their thinner. You'll want to seal the paint layer with some varnish before weathering, as this paint reactivates when something else is applied, like a pin wash. Other acrylics you don't need to do this but it's good practice to do so. You can also get airbrush varnish, just make sure you have the appropriate cleaner for the medium you're using.
  3. I've got an old Ripmax I bought from a model shop years ago. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ripmax-air-compressor-oil-free-279485481 You can't get them anymore, but the important things to think about, is a secondary tank to keep pressure constant, and the valve on the moisture trap which you set the output pressure with.
  4. I bought a cheap brush years ago, a Russian chunk of metal. I think it cost a tenner? As long as you clean the needle and nozzle frequently, there's not much to go wrong with them. Gravity fed is more convenient for dropping colour and cleaner. And get a load of pippets. Airbrushing comes into its own for shading panel lines. Going slightly darker around the edge makes it look more fabricated and you don't have to be too accurate. A pin wash will sharpen the detail. I've been watching a few YouTube clips recently and learnt a tonne of stuff I was doing wrong. Like fit the piece first, then use the thin brush-able glue and run it around the edge of the part you're fitting in place. Rather than put the glue on the part then fit. Once you know what you're doing, these guys finish these things in a few hours.
  5. Get one with a tank on it. The cheaper ones pulse and you'll end up not using it. Compressed air cans is the cheapest way in if you want to try it first.
  6. Grade 3 every four weeks, otherwise I become a microphone pop shield.
  7. RedSalmon


    I think it's become a matter of opening the sluice gates to balance economy with hospital beds.
  8. RedSalmon


    You'll Never Warp Alone. Genious.
  9. RedSalmon


    Well deserved. f***ing well deserved. I've never seen a team bind as well as these lads, never. Probably the best squad and mindset we've ever seen.
  10. I agree. I think it has been fed to them. Roger Stone is still under investigation.
  11. Sure. And video tape probably exists. You can't prove it though. But you can prove Cohen wasn't in Prague the time Steele alleges, so the rest becomes bulls***....
  12. Those stories came from somewhere for Steele to stand by them.
  13. To cover up actual doings with ludicrous misdemeanours in the same story. Distraction. Make something worse up you can pass off as a joke, to change the news cycle. For example, Hannity pushing the 'Pee-pee tapes' on Fox News for months as being 'ludicrous'. Then applying the same projection towards serious Trump offences as an equivalence to say its just the left making stuff up to attack Trump.
  14. The Steele dossier is more than likely miss-information. 'facts' that can be proven false sort of thing.
  15. The press out there need to be more concerned with protecting Berman's successor Audrey Strauss to deliver the verdicts of a load of SDNY's cases against Trump in the next few weeks.
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