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  1. He was always about getting the church goers used to sin. Rapture.
  2. Its a bit weird in places. But there's some gems.
  3. Nobody needs exiting now. People need to get through this.
  4. RedSalmon


    This doctor mentions Sweden. There's a Somalian population that has been hit harder than the rest. Again vitamin D seems to have strong links to how the body defends against this virus.
  5. RedSalmon


    To be fair, the whole world is trying to find the nature of this virus and how it attacks us. The vitamin D aspect I think is leading. I didn't realise vitamin D is responsible for shutting off the bodies immune system once the infection has cleared. That might explain the extended fever symptoms for two weeks or so. I'm guessing that has a knock on affect on how your body reacts to secondary conditions.
  6. RedSalmon


    Looks like Vitamin D plays a major role in not only switching on the immune system, but also switching it off, and how covid develops further inflammatory conditions.
  7. He's f***ing undead. And she's probably been self isolating since engagement.
  8. RedSalmon


    Only just found out about speedrunning. I've been enjoying this channel. The Doom stuff is great too.
  9. As good a reason for any war. c***.
  10. Flip flop sandals, love them, f*** it.
  11. I picked up a copy of Slouvaki when I was out in Chicago back in the 90s. Didn't realise Eno had a part on producing a couple of tracks on that album. This track I think sums up the heart of the band. Rachel lost her hearing which makes these vocals even more haunting.
  12. I generally agree. Depends on what 'action groups' he's negotiated with Biden and Obama behind the scenes.
  13. Yes he does. He's still a pressure group. Yin and Yang.
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