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  1. Awesome band. Taken over from LCD Sound System. This has been humming around today for some reason.
  2. I meant Pete Townsend, not Keith Richards. Ffs.
  3. Our local municipal golf course has turned into a motor cross track since it closed a couple of years back. I'm not sure that's a bad thing.
  4. Got time so yeah I should. This is a clip of how Keith Richards used an ARP 2600..
  5. Ooh nice! Some interesting audio re-routing possibilities there. Unfortunately not. I was part of a small studio collective back in the early 90's and sold my stuff to them when I lost interest at the time. I've now got a copy of Cubase and Rise Blocks keyboard gathering dust. I keep meaning to start up with it again. There's a white label kicking around somewhere, it's rubbish, the main reason I lost interest with it all. I've got a couple of C-90 cassettes in the attic, but I've got nothing to play them with now. It'd be interesting to listen to them after 25 years.
  6. I think it was my favourite out of all the keyboards I've owned over the years. Moog Prodigy would be next, especially with a midi to voltage control out of tune.
  7. Enjoying these. Yours reminds me of something I was listening to the other day. I picked up one of these synths back in the early 90s. Payed £40 for it!!
  8. Here's one I learnt off an old Italian girlfriend. If you've got dried out bread, crumb it in a food processor, add grated cheese and a little milk to make a dough, roll into balls and drop in soup or stew.
  9. RedSalmon


    A couple of good videos.. The reasons behind last Fridays government announcements. And evidence coming in that you should not use anti-inflametries including, Asprin, Ibuprofen etc, when you have a fever.
  10. I'll go, but I don't think it's a good idea. I'd rather do it when the season is back up and running.
  11. RedSalmon


    Nice one Molby. Try and get to know your neighbour. I'm lucky, I have a 'drinking' relationship with most down my street. We're going to need each other over this. If anyone's stuck. Shout out.
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