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  1. BBC says that Chilwell, Ziyech, Pusilic, and Thiago Silva are all out.
  2. Yeah, they probablt need it to make payments on their stadium.
  3. Plus it's really unlikely that Spurs could afford to pay that for him.
  4. That's what the papers said at the time, so this could be very lucrative for us. Just need Lazio to sell Luis Alberto now.
  5. Not really a mad expression, but my grandad used to really stretch out the "Bloody" in bloody hell so it sounded like he was saying Bill Oddie Hell, which is presumably some kind of birdwatcher's purgatory.
  6. I disagree on that. He was our best player under Rodgers once Suarez left, but his best season was probably the season that we signed Mane.
  7. Apart from his age, he fits perfectly into the boss player on the scrap heap who is playing well below his ceiling box that makes him perfect for us. And when you take into account that when he did play for us, he played the best football of his career under this coach and and with most of the same players as we have now, then it makes loads of sense.
  8. Top 4 in order: Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Man Utd Which 3 are going down: West Brom, Fulham, Brighton Top Scorer: Mo Salah First manager to get sacked/leave: Moyes League Cup winners: City FA Cup Winners: Arsenal European Cup winners: Liverpool
  9. This is true, although the gap narrowing is inevitable, as Neil Atkinson said on TAW. We won the league by miles because we were boss and City lost a surprisingly high number of games. Even if we win the league with the same points total this new season, we definitely won't be 18 points ahead of second place
  10. Or just FSG putting some money in. Given that Swiss Ramble predicted that we were going to make a loss of around £10m and we have around £275m leeway currently to meet FFP if we wanted to, FSG could pump a quarter of a billion pounds into the club over the next three seasons if they so wanted. We could buy Jadon Sancho and Thiago for example and still have a huge transfer warchest for next season.
  11. He's the worst. Maybe even less competant than Jeremy Hunt.
  12. Does Lance Henriksen count too? He was torn in half in Aliens and technically shuts down in Alien 3 as a result of it.
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