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  1. philmatthews


    It's going to be a real choker for them if the Champions League gets null and voided.
  2. We signed a huge glut of youth players under Rafa when he first came in. Remember Godwin Antwi?
  3. Oh oh oh it's magic You know You'll never get past Sissoko. (Until someone kicks his eye out).
  4. philmatthews


    Why not, it's not like anyone associated with the government has a track record of handling data unethically in the past.
  5. He was signed on Jen Chang's say so. One of the rare occasions where we signed a player and nobody seemed to know anything about it until we announced it. I thought he was alright too. Had a decent record in Germany as well. Absolute state of his trackies though.
  6. philmatthews


    Plus also, she used to be in a relationship with Piers Morgan and write for the rag. A couple of fairly insurmountable issues.
  7. How can you forget him? Scored against the Mancs and Real Madrid in the space of a week.
  8. philmatthews


    "Guided by the science"
  9. Considering how prolific he is, that's a very low offer.
  10. Must be proper s*** being an Everton fan though. They're the Danny DeVito to our Arnold Schwarzenneger.
  11. Seems legit. I'll give it a go.
  12. Does anyone have any good tips for getting rid of brambles? My neighbour has a bunch of them growing and they're just blasting under the fence and growing at a rabid rate. I want some kind of snide thing that will kill the roots even though they're in his garden.
  13. Perhaps he uses it as a distraction technique. People have taken the piss out of his hair for years and he still persists.
  14. I don't think that's fair. He was pretty consistent across his whole career with us and generally played well. He was more than just a decent squad player, he started a lot of games for us. He was pretty much the equivalent of someone like Oxlade Chamberlain in terms of status.
  15. Dirk Kuyt is probably one of those for the Scouse accent.
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