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  1. "Well here's to you Andy Robertson" already got taken by a player whose name fits marginally less well.
  2. It is. He's got 102 goals in his pro career, although that's in a frankly ludicrous 143 games.
  3. No it isn't. It's a statistical model, not an objective assessment of each chance by human eye. It doesn't take into account a load of intangibles - is the player a good finisher, is the ball on their strong foot, are they being challenged by another player as they shoot, how many players are between them and the goal etc etc. You can't create an accurate model based on something with so many intangible factors. It's literally calculated on the physical position of the ball when it's struck isn't it?
  4. Because nobody really understands it or is sure that it's an accurate measure of anything. There are so many factors involved in whether a goal "should" be scored or not that you can't distill it into a single stat.
  5. How frequently chances from the same position are scored by other players, same as the mythical xG stat.
  6. When he plays a pass which should result in the person he passed to scoring?
  7. That's true, but they have provided support for existing games, so Forza Horizon 4 has improved loading times and massive improvements to rendering depth of field, lighting, shadows, ambient effects etc. It sounds like they've encouraged developers to make games upscaleable to more powerful hardware. Over 1000 Xbox One series games are compatible with the Series X already.
  8. Like the weird wish giving goblin thing from Five Children and It?
  9. There's no comedy in null and void now that Everton aren't top.
  10. Yeah, but it's a great big puff piece where it's a journalist repeating a PR statement that the club has given to them.
  11. Same. The Powerline adapters that I had used to fluctuate in speed so much all the time. Sometimes I got 60Mbps out of them. Sometimes I got 10Mbps.
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