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  1. Normal People is a terrific book so recommend it if you enjoyed the series (v quick read too). The adaptation is marvellous and the two leads in particular do great jobs. Even the minor characters are v well drawn. One thing it deals with v well is the impact of school bullying, both on the bullied and the bullier.
  2. I love the overnight dutch oven recipe because there's no kneading involved. Got given a bit of sourdough starter by a neighbour last week and basically just substituted it in for the yeast (and adjusted down the amount of water) and it turned out great. Only other tweak was I left it to prove in the fridge so it didn't rise too much overnight
  3. Guatered


    The longer the story goes on, the better. This is an absolutely spectacular own goal by the tories. It's frankly bizarre that they're all making such fools of themselves to protect an advisor
  4. Normally PSG splashing ridiculous fees is annoying but right now a major transfer (even if the fee is lower than anticipated pre-COVID) would be a welcome sign that clubs are planning ahead on the basis of some sort of normalcy.
  5. Guatered


    Such a depressing picture, but you've summed it up well. I would expect that as well as reduced capacities there will also be increased costs in all sorts of ways - staffing, extra cleaning, etc Presumably part of picture to ameliorate the damage will be hoping that punters are prepared to pay more. Has there been any research or early indications if people will be prepared to pay higher prices on a consistent basis?
  6. Guatered


    "Under AFC Bournemouth's proposal, if the Premier League is put into alphabetical order, they would be top at this stage"
  7. Guatered


    This is a great idea:
  8. Guatered


    The Jonathan Wilson article is v good. I live right beside the stadium of a league 2 team. Every day you still see the community trust staff going about helping people. The local pubs depend on the match day crowds. Even our daughter's school makes most it's fundraising money off rent parking spaces to match goers. Walking around the stadium, you realise what a catastrophe for the city it would be if this institution were to collapse. And lower league clubs don't have the resources of the PL to arrange testing etc, nor the TV money to fall back on. I can see lots of fans seem to be getting some sort of thrill of moral superiority by saying football isn't important right now. But lots of clubs run on such fine margins, and so of course clubs need to be looking at when they can restart, otherwise loads of them will go to the wall. It looks like the clubs are actually being quite careful in thinking of how a return can happen that reduces the health risks to all involved.
  9. Love this 'rebelde' version of it. They've changed it up a bit to be about Chicano culture and immigrant rights, which sounds a bit earnest but is actually glorious
  10. Should have been a bit of a clue when he sang The Internationale as his final song choice
  11. The definition of millionaire white privilege. Trump's election does not harm her so she can play radical as much as she wants and face none of the consequences
  12. I'm pretty sure Paul Jewell claimed most of the Liverpool team when he was there were Tories. But he never made the first team so might not have known them well enough to say For unexpected Marxists - Britney Spears recently coming out for strikes and wealth redistribution was a great development
  13. Going Clear is an incredible book - and took genuine bravery to write it He also pops up in the documentary Three Identical Strangers. The interview shows how thorough his research is. Didn't know he writes fiction too
  14. I'm still convinced that Biscan is going to become a regular in the first team one of these days
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