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  1. Sheffield United seems a suitably hipster choice for Pitchfork. They've probably got an 8.4 review for Chris Wilder's Overlapping Centrebacks
  2. Guatered


    If you wanted to come up with a way to undermine solidarity amongst people to help combat COVID, it would be hard to beat a hotline encouraging people to spy and report on each other
  3. He got a couple in that ridiculous penalty shoot-out against Boro. But then even Mignolet scored in that one
  4. Feels a bit like a Daniel Levy move - waiting to the end of the transfer window. It has generally worked fairly well for Spurs in terms of prices they pay/receive, but there is a cost in terms of not having the players for preseason (or even the first few matches themselves)
  5. Looks like Minamino in midfield, alongside Keita too. Will be interesting to see how that goes
  6. Not sure this is right. I have my Ayre BNB reservations
  7. Astonishingly good line-up, even aside from the legendary Nirvana set
  8. The name change was because not enough of the gate receipts were actually going to charity Pathetic really with the amount of money involved in the PL
  9. They'll be fine, there's even a German word for it. Aufdasfaxausliverpoolwarten ("to wait for the fax from Liverpool")
  10. Amazing scenes in Belarus. Mass protests, strikes, even police embracing protestors. Hopefully Lukashenko's days in power are numbered now. Always in awe of the bravery of people standing up to dictators
  11. Guatered


    So many great new podcasts out recently! Wind of Change is good fun, about whether the song of that name was actually a secret CIA operation. By Patrick Radden Keefe, a terrific writer who did the recent book about Jean McConville. Nice White Parents is a good one for about race and schooling in the US. Incidentally, should be of interest for anyone from Northern Ireland in terms of issues of integration in schools and how that can be achieved. Branch 251 is about the current trials in Germany of two Syrian regime officials for crimes against humanity. Some of it is inevitably d
  12. Me and a mate challenged each other to do a half-marathon at the start of lockdown (both in separate locations). The competitive spirit / camaraderie was definitely a good motivator and got me out doing runs a few times when I would otherwise have given myself excuses, and made me push a bit harder too. We did the run a couple of weeks back, had a few beers on a Zoom call later in the day. I've actually ended up fitter than I've been in years (admittedly, a fairly low bar)
  13. There were many heroes that helped Northern Ireland out of the Troubles and John Hume was one of the very greatest. One of the best memories of my life is being at that concert at the Waterfront Hall with Ash and U2. He cut a fairly improbably figure on stage with Bono et al but he did it to help get every last vote out for the agreement referendum. His bravery and lifelong dedication to nonviolence was inspirational. He also gave all the prize money from the Nobel prize straight to charity. I wonder if he knew that the Good Friday Agreement would also end up resulting in the SDLP be
  14. That's a fair summary of things. Still - I felt the ending offered a bit of optimism. It seems Murdoch has decided that his successor should be Lachlan, clearly the moron of the family and the inspiration for Roman Roy. He might share Rupert's nasty political worldview, but seems to have none of the cunning or charm. Hopefully their empire won't last so long without Rupert at the helm
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