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  1. Hey. Big grats everyone
  2. f*** the mancs!
  3. Just wanted to drop by and say f*** the mancs. Both of them! Best season ever!
  4. We are winning the title at goodison. Omg. Omg. Omg.
  5. This is all getting unreal people. I'm starting to count this as in the bag.
  6. It will feel weird to lose again. I think we will win all three remaining tournaments.
  7. I want the that attacking high press mentality for this. Not that controlling stuff. Lets go get five goals this time. And I really hope they play Phil Jones!
  8. A) Not my boy - just said he was worth a punt since his contract is up. B) He sucked - But ... You can’t honestly expect him to deliver a top performance in a position he’s not used too for a coach who doesn’t want him against the best midfield in the world days before he leaves after sic months of being frozen out due to contract issues. With Lallana leaving signing Eriksen on a free would be moneyball. But sure. He didnt do well. Most small technical 10’s would have a hard time in a midfield two against us so I really don’t want to base anything on that game. Unless you want to play h
  9. I really want a treble out of this season. A real one. League, CL and FA. I think the team is strong enough to achieve it. I dont know if its possible whilst staying undefeated in the league. First things first. If we actually do win the league, then I really don’t care what happens afterwards. But if we close it out in like april, then we would be in great shape to do like a reverse rotation and focus on the two cups.
  10. I get that you might not like him. Or feel he couldnt keep up. But he could. He has the level to improve us. Even as a squad player. He made like 60 assists since coming to Tottenham. He could be a huge assistmaker with out forwards. And this season he’s been kept out because of contract issues. Nothing else. And also, Im only for it because hes cheap right now. Way below market value. Also to piss off Levy!
  11. Eriksen distance covered in their CL season https://www.reddit.com/r/coys/comments/bzfpr2/eriksen_stats_on_games_missed_and_distance_covered/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  12. They say Inter are closest. Kindda sad to see.
  13. He almost always puts in most yards pr game. Glorious passing range. Might be lightweight might be a steal. Would fit our play well. Nice for depth.
  14. Ive always been against it but its time. We should nab Eriksen. Our front three would love to get on the end of his passes.
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