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  1. 42 minutes ago, Boca said:

    Just seeing those fixtures written down is a brilliant feeling.

    When was the idea of neutral venues dismissed? Did I miss an announcement?


    Think most clubs voted against it 

  2. 2 hours ago, kop205 said:

    I think Deeney's head has gone a bit probably due to a mixture of his understandable concerns about coming back plus the inevitable racist/'I hope your baby dies of Corona' s*** that he got on twitter for daring to speak out. As you say, some of what he says makes sensem some of it is a bit mad. The mad stuff is best ignored.

    Were there really a lot of tweets about his son getting Corona?


    As usual on Twitter, I've seen more tweets about people disgusted by these tweet, than these actual tweets 

  3. 5 hours ago, Stevie H said:

    He's a billionaire, he could start his own rival platform and lie to his heart's content on it. Except you just know he would call it Trumper. And he'd be trumping a hundred times a day.

    Fyds will be there to reply to each one of them 

  4. 34 minutes ago, Cobs said:

    Labour MP Meg Hillier - just destroyed the fat lying c*** there - Johnson claims he's seen the evidence that proves Cummings story - won't publish it, won't give it to the Cabinet Secretary

    Turning into Trump more and more evry day 

  5. 23 minutes ago, sammy & a said:

    If you find someone willing to have a back and forth with you on Voronin’s aptitude versus attitude then you‘ve done well Hass.

    Ha! Just watched the past season highlights on lfc tv and I remembered him, think he scored 7 goals that season 

    Klopp would have loved him (he did actually love him) 

  6. 6 hours ago, Jarg Armani said:

    Works for a while, eventually ends up looking timid. Labour need at some point to drive home their advantage.

    Yep, agreed, but as was the case with Corbyn, it's a no win situation,  a case of timid if he doesn't, politicising trivial stuff if he does 

  7. 14 minutes ago, kop205 said:

    Craig Johnston played, like, 300 games for us.

    Though I do quite like this quote from him:

    "You have no idea how crap I was. Even when I was playing for Liverpool, I was the worst player in the best team in the world."

    Great quote, I didn't know he was born in Johannesburg 


    On a side note, I may be alone in my opinion on this, but Voronin wasn't actually a bad player for us was he? His issue was that he was lazy and believed that he should be playing in our first XI 


    But he was actually a decent player 

  8. Just now, Tommok said:

    I agree with Hass - The Bureau on Amazon Prime is brilliant if you don't mind subtitles. I had to do a free trial of one of the spin off channels from Prime to watch the last series but the rest are available free with Prime.


    Season 5 was shown in France earlier this year, apparently it might be coming to the Sundance channel on amazon in June 

  9. 36 minutes ago, Boca said:


    Presume you watched it with subtitles rather than dubbed? 

    The daughter was a right pain in the a***. Drove me mad. 

    Yeah, always with subtitles for me 


    And I agree with Benzo and you about the daughter, very annoying 

  10. Just now, Boca said:

    Thanks for the shouts lads. I've seen Justified and agree it's bloody brilliant.

    Heard a lot of people talking about Money Heist. Has anyone on here watched it?

    First couple of seasons are very good, then it starts getting more and more ridiculous and stupid 

  11. 1 hour ago, Boca said:

    Looking for a new show to binge. Any recommendations? I've seen all the usual suspects - Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad etc.

    Just finished The Americans - thought it was really good.

    If you don't mind a foreign show I recommend le bureau des légendes, it's excellent 

  12. 1 hour ago, cymrococh said:

    I'd like to get into The Americans, the later seasons are supposed to be brilliant. Is it anywhere legit?

    Later seasons were poor, repetitive and frustrating 

    Final season was good though and they wrapped it up really well 

    Used to be on Amazon prime, think it might still be on there 

  13. 30 minutes ago, Swipe said:

    Guardian of the Galaxy was much more entertaining than I expected. Some very funny bits. Yet another marvel movie with a really boring final battle though, and again the baddie was rubbish. Ronan the Accuser. FFS.

    Did help though that there wasn't too much screen time for Djimon Hounsou, one of the worst A-list actors on the planet for my money. 

    A-list? Haha

    He is awful though



  14. 1 hour ago, Bootser said:

    Stephen Warnock. Just read about him and Istanbul. Apparently Rafa posted the team squad and Warnock was included. A while later he is told by Pako, not Rafa, that a mistake had been made and that he was out and Josemi was in. Christ to miss out to f***ing Josemi 😨

    Article on BBC Sports. It went on to say that on the return flights a lot of the players wives had got on board and that some of the fringe players had to get a later flight. By this stage the Victory Parade had already begun so he just went on home. Left soon after.  Bit of a s*** show.

    We had traore and riise in the squad, we didn't need another left back 


    And the second part is nothing new, we knew about it at the time, just makes the Istanbul miracle even more amazing considering the amateurs that used to run our club 

  15. 1 minute ago, chrisbonnie said:

    The sancho thing is an odd one. 

    I've probably watched dortmund about 5 or 6 times this season, yet every time I'm watching them, he's on the bench. What's the story with that? 

    Had a dispute with the club earlier in the season, don't think he's fully fit these last couple of weeks 

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