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  1. Looks like Saar is not coming. Zaha replacement. Our inability to spend without selling is holding us back.
  2. Talles Magno has a bit of Divock about him, I think. Appears slow but has a big stride and doesn’t look like he has it under control but does.
  3. Chelsea / Man City / Utd could be spending big this summer due to the impotence of FFP and Brexit. Is it true that if we leave with no deal we would revert back to visa style applications for new players from, well, everywhere? I know existing players will have a ‘pass’ for the need for visas until contract expiration but it’s a little vague about what would happen with new transfers.
  4. I’d take Bale on loan. Back up and challenge for front 3 and would get 25 games but wages are going to kill that idea immediately. James wouldn’t suit this league, I think he will end up in China. Personally, I think we will get Mandi, Thiago and a left back (don’t think we will end up with Lewis) but I wouldn’t rule out another late in the window. Interest in Big Div being reported too
  5. 60m up front and almost 60 in add ons with player getting near 300k per week. Allegedly.
  6. Looks like the Sancho ship has sailed. Silly money supposedly
  7. I think it is he is just a nailed Superstar, he’s homegrown, he is marketable and ready to move. Sancho, Trent and Gomez are a young, talented and potentially an English spine of a team.
  8. The way I see it is it’s all on Edwards. Due to uncertainty of tickets sales/ tv rights/ 2nd wave stuff I think we can only spend what we sell. Unfortunately if we had known this last year we would have moved for Sancho/ Lewis/ Carlos and loaned them back for a year.
  9. Can’t see where they fit everyone Hudson Odoi / Ziyech / Havertz / Pulisic / Werner / Abraham all for 3 places, possibly. Would Kepa go to Madrid with Oblak the other way?
  10. Based on nothing more than a hunch, Coutinho in Jan 18 month loan deal. I am genuinely nervous about this season, we should be kicking on but it feels a little stagnant. Moreno will be missed, he was s*** but everyone loved him even Milner says so.
  11. Off the wage bill. Coutinho €240K p/w value at 80m - 90m Dembele €220K p/w value at 70m - 80m Malcom €110k p/w value at 30m - 40m Vertongen €125K p/w believe the just want rid These fees coming in, Barca will end up with Neymar and he supposedly willing to take 25% pay cut. How does it go? He ll make the difference in shirt sales.
  12. @TheKopHQ (Jay Riley) really going all out with Mbappe stuff
  13. Does anyone rate Ndidi? Few links apparently
  14. Bad News Bear


    Jeez, Macca sorry for your loss as I also had to get my German Shepherd put down yesterday due to a neurological condition. It sucks.
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