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  1. Jay M


    If the PL say there's no reason for the games not to be played, is it wrong to threaten 3-0 walkovers if teams refuse to turn up?
  2. Jay M

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Let's just say I'm glad I'm not in your families for a quiz! Here's one I did yesterday - pretty easy... What is the highest grossing movie of all time? What is the longest canal in the UK? What is the biggest county in the UK? What brand has the largest market share for baby milk? From Premier League through to League 2, there are 3 teams in West Yorkshire - name them How many disney resorts are there (one, for example, would be Paris) What is the capital city of Turkey? At what temperature in Celsius does water boil?
  3. One of the positives from this lockdown is I'm now as fit as I've ever been! Running PBs on my usual route, which is just over 10k. Also, I read on here about doing the casual jog so gave it a go; got near the end and realised I was almost at the PB level! I have plenty of hills round here in Yorkshire so I do 1 run a week up over the hill to the halfway point of the 10k route I do. The incline is ridiculous at times - probably ~15%. The theory being it makes the 10k run seem a breeze on the 'flatter' run (it's still a bit up and down). Seems to have done the trick!
  4. Jay M


    Unfortunately, CoD has gone downhill - and WWII is probably the worst of the lot (excluding all the flying ones, which are all terrible to me)! COD4, MW2, BO1, MW3 and BO2 - that was the best era. When they added in the ability to fly around the maps (I think it started with Advanced Warfare), that ruined the progression of the game for me. They've tried to bring it back with the WWII, then BO4 and now the latest MW. The Pripyat sniper mission - that was COD4, which is now remastered.
  5. Jay M

    The Snip

    Not sure they'd appreciate me doing the test from outside the window and taking dead aim... Maybe they could change it to be handed in at the docs. I'm going to ring up a couple of days before and ask anyway. If the department is in the 'cold' section of the hospital then hopefully it's business as usual.
  6. Jay M

    The Snip

    I got it done at the end of Jan. It was a no-scalpel one - not sure if that means less pain than the older method. My experience wasn't as dramatic as Jimbo's. They put something on to numb the area so you shouldn't really feel much. As has been described by others, you can feel them messing around with the tubes but not painful. Similar to when you go the dentist and then numb your gums, yet you still get the uncomfortableness. On the second injection, he caught my b******, or a nerve - not sure which one it was but I yelped! Haha. Other than that it was fine.They try to take your mind off it by talking to you. However, once it's done, you're supposed to rest for at least a few days. My missus had me out visiting people and all sorts the next day. I had told myself that I'd be fine to play footy on the following Saturday, which was 8 days away so I was always going to play. But closer it got to that day my balls were sore and swollen and, if anything, getting worse. I went ahead with the footy and got through it. On the Monday I rang up and mentioned the symptoms etc, ended up on anti-biotics for 5 days and since that treatment I've been fine. So if you get it done, some tips: Wear tight-fitting underwear straight away Put ice on them often - not just on the night of the op like I did Try and milk the resting in bed for as long as possible - at the end of the day, this is what the docs tell you to do I'm due to give a sample to check the op was a success at the end of May, but not sure if that'll be possible given the current situation. Good luck!
  7. From 1987 onwards... Oblak Srna Van Dijk P.Maldini Lahm De Bruyne Senna Souness Haaland Messi Mbappe Wrecked my head thinking I was done so many times. I've probably still got an error in there but I give up.
  8. Jay M

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Providing it's not a mensa test like the above, here's some nice, easy ones Sport What is the national sport of India? In what sport do the the winners receive the Commissioners trophy? Geography What European country has the most borders with other countries? What city is in both Europe and Asia (easy one for us) You can also try a music round? I did a TV Show theme tune round, we've also had 80/90s music Could also do a picture round? Just make your background that of the picture.
  9. I listen to the Pro Football Talk podcast. It used to be shown on Sky Sports too but think it's stopped being broadcast due to the current situation.
  10. Jay M


    All very useful info, thanks to you both!
  11. Jay M


    No, would this serve the same purpose; get it on the tv, play games etc? Looking to try and get my 3 (going on 13) year old daughter into it. Was hoping to start off simple with the tennis. I'll go do some research into the Switch as I've pretty much turned a blind eye to it.
  12. Jay M


    You can get the console itself for £169 on Amazon. But obviously you'd want all the extras like controllers and games. I saw a console bundle for £250ish which had the Mario Kart and another game in. Seems like I'd be better off getting the original Wii and getting the converter lead. Being holed up means having to keep up with ideas to keep everyone entertained!
  13. Jay M


    The latest Resident Evil games are decent. I've got RE7, then RE2 Remake. I play through the first go really slowly - 10+ hours to complete. Then I try and do it as fast as possible to unlock the extra weapons with unlimited ammo. Not got RE3 yet but I'm sure I will at some point. Does anyone have a Wii/Wii U? Was looking at the Wii U as it's HDMI and doesn't require me to buy any RCA converter leads. My TVs are mounted so it'd be a pain. At £250 though I just need some reassurance before I buy it.
  14. Jay M


    I bought the Dark Souls trilogy thinking I'd give them a go in prep to play Sekiro. Nah! I couldn't hack it. Just seen the April games. The Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 Collection was on the free list back in January too. Also, for those that aren't aware, you can purchase the games and not download them to save space on the HDD - they sit in your library. This is more for when you have an issue like me where you have games like COD taking up 150GB each.
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