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  1. Really struggling to support Benitez after that, I wouldnt care if we had gone out in style with a good performance but that was as gutless as the rest of them recently. I think unless he gets into the CL he wont be here next season, big pay off or not...maybe its time for a change and it really saddens me to say that.
  2. I hear Gus Hiddink is available in the summer
  3. Every time we break, we just slow it down its so annoying, we really dont deserve to go through. Doss on for Aurelio - wtf, i can only hope that its to protect him for the derby as Insua has been so poor recently. Now he brings on Aqua - unbelievable
  4. I honestly think that Lyon are going to score in the last minute, its just whether we can stop these guys from scoring.
  5. I have to say, and didnt think i would...I am starting to lose the faith in Rafa
  6. Ngog off...Benny on...but he does look knackered
  7. I am really struggling to understand why Aquilani isnt getting a run out in central midfield, we are crying out for a spark ffs.
  8. Agree...need a spark from centre midfield. Come on get Lucas off and Aqualani on
  9. TBH with the luck we have had this season...I dont think so - but you never know...We need to score a couple more at least...come on!
  10. Liverpool have reverted to hit it long and hope now, surely today was a good opportunity to start Aqualani...Ngog having a bright game though..
  11. I thought Aquilani looked good, I know Brum were sitting deep and he had time on the ball but even being partially fit he is leagues ahead of Lucas...looking to play one touch balls, releases the ball quickly and has an eye for a pass. I thougth Masch played well, i think that was the most expansive I have seen him play...he hit some great long balls. Lucas isnt a bad player but he gets so much of the ball and just slows play down, yes he gets up in the box...I dont know why...he really cant shoot or head the ball for that matter. He has his uses, I am just not sure what they are
  12. I thought there were some positives...i mean we had about 25 attempts! On another day we would have scored a few...at least we didnt loose and as for the pen...well its about time we had a little luck. Also I thought Aqualani did well when he came on, quite nice to have someone in central midfield who actually looks to pass the ball forwards! Plus i thought Masch played well...Lucas on the other hand was pretty useless as always...slows down play too much and cant shoot!
  13. Cmon...Aqualani on for Lucas or something!!
  14. http://www.freedocast.com/Dazzler password: myp2p
  15. What a joke - we have pretty much outplayed them for the entire game.
  16. Quality stream at: http://www.watchprem.com/channel1.php
  17. What do they expect when Benitez has to shop at the Co-Op our esteemed owners didnt give him the money to buy a decent backup CB.
  18. Its so gutting, we have dominated the game, created chances, and once again our defence f***s it up.
  19. f***ing mistake after mistake, how many times could they have got that ball out? That sums up our entire season, how many chances did we miss in the first half, so f***ing annoyed
  20. Hus


    I remember, scared the crap out of me at the time.
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