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  1. I was in the Leppings Lane upper stand. We helped a couple of lads get up out of the terrace. I'd actually swapped my terrace ticket for a seat ticket the night before.
  2. Abbo

    My Da - RIP

    My sincere condolences to you and your family Bootser.
  3. No one ever said it was soley about the "big" players playing well, however if those players that are ackowledged as being the most talented dont perform then you have to question the overall quality. I would have been delighted to watch Ronaldinho, or Henry, or Messi, or Gerrard for the sake of argument, perform to the levels that we're used to, but they didnt. I enjoyed watching Spain, actually wanted them to at least play against Brazil in the quarters as that had the makings of a great game, but I dont think that in 6 - 12 months time anyone will recall any of Spain's games as outstandi
  4. No, you're wrong as it goes. Three good games this tournament thus far, Italy v Germany (the best of the bunch), Argentina v Mexico and Croatia v Australia, the rest have been immediately forgettable. The alleged "big" players havent performed at all, with the exception of Zidane, who had been written off by most pre-tournament.
  5. Is it true that Sepp's wife's name is Fanny ?
  6. Thanks for the tip, you might want to to try reading a post before responding, as you'd see I agreed with his second point. I dont see us in the middle of a nightmare run, its not great, but its not a nightmare.
  7. First point is utter bollix, its not a "very very bad spell at all", we're 3rd in the league with a strong chance of finishing 2nd, we're in the cup and the knockout stages of the Champions league, and yet we're in the middle of "a nightmare run" Second point I think has some credence, not much, but some.
  8. I'm not entirely sure what your reply has to do with my post, but I'll respond. I dont assume anything, I try to post based upon what I've seen, but if Cisse was told to stand 1 yard directly behind Crouch when a high ball gets played up to him then I'll eat my hat. I'd also venture that Cisse wasnt told to experiment with a new style of heading which actually involves meeting a cross with the back of your head. Cisse's performance yesterday has been coming for a while, he's not good enough for LFC.
  9. I think Mikes right in another thread, when he said we played the fixture and not the team in front of us. I couldnt give a monkey's @rse where they are in the league, the team they put out yesterday was there to be beaten. Cisse - never been a footballer.
  10. Best of luck with this programme mate.
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