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  1. We can certainly re-focus on that, when you show me where I said that.


    Unfortunately I havent got my head round this multi-quoting, and I dont think this is going to get us anywhere if I did.


    I stand by my orignal point ( accepting I'd got the timespans wrong). I doubt you and I are going to agree on how much longer Kenny should be given. I believe that he will take the club forward, you obviously have your doubts.

  2. Even though you got your facts wrong? Righto.


    Is that really the best you can do ?


    Shall we re-focus on your intial complaint tha RFH should have had more time ?


    Give over Bailo.

  3. TBH I thought I was pointing out that we're all on the same page anyway! And I was replying to Abbo whining about Ferguson been given time.


    And as this thread needs to be split up - the elation of his return and the first 100 pages should be made a sticky.


    Who was whining you clown ? I made a point about patience, you've chosen to make an a*** of yourself out of it.


    Dont let me stop you though, you're doing such a good job of it.

  4. Totally agree and of course RFH should have gone well before he did. Kenny also of course deserves more time. But trotting out how Ferguson was given time is a bit pointless when we chased out the last two managers well before they reached Ferguson's length of service. We all know when we see something that is wrong. And we've been wrong a lot on (and off) the pitch this season, hence the atmosphere on here sometimes.


    You're making yourself look more stupid than I'd given you credit for. Its far from pointless pointing out the time that Ferguson was given as it demostrates that if a club believes in its manager then he will be given time, and by club that should also include fans.


    Interesting that you're contradicting yourself about RFH, as it was you who questioned why he had been let go so soon.

  5. So why was RFH not given that length of time? Why wasn't Rafa?


    It's a bit pick and choose.


    They're facts ( although the 26 yrs is subject to my ailing memory).


    Think it was evident to anyone that had ever seen football that Hodgson was not the man for the job.


    Someone else decided Rafa had taken the club as far as he could.

  6. The most salient info I've retained through this period was from the Anfield Wrap podcast - Ferguson finished 14th in his 4th season. Ferguson didnt win anything until his 6th season. This was at a time when Utd were going through a 26 (think its 26 yrs, could be wrong ) year period without winning the league.


    People would be well advised to remember this when reviewing Kenny's achievements this season.

  7. Sky Sports and the written press are not the be all and end all of football, they're staggering around trying to validate their existance. Kenny knows he has an obligation to meet with Sky, and he puts the minimum effort in to fulfill that obligation. Kenny also knows that if he wants to get his message across to the fans, he can do that most effectively through LFC tv, or the website, and that message wont be subject to the normal press or Sky spin. Given the personal attacks he has experienced this season, I fully understand his attitude. Perhaps a summer break will do him good, and he may feel more inclined to be less confrontational next season.


    Its worth remembering that those same clowns at Sky and in the written press didnt ever give Rafa the respect he was due either.

  8. At times the Guardian really do put together some fantastic football articles. There's one on their website today about the referee Abraham Klein. I won't copy and paste the whole thing here as it's very long but it's well wroth a read.





    Excellent stuff, didnt know anything about Klein before reading that.


    Thanks for the link.

  9. Was always going to be difficult once they got the first goal. Sloppy defending for the 2nd and they just sat in from there on. We've played worse than tonight and won other games. There's no doubt that we've got problems creating in the final third, and City's tactics massively exposed our shortcomings.


    Positives - thought Carroll had a good first half, Spearing & Henderson did well. Gerrard continued his recovery. Still think we can get through in the Carling cup.


    Be really surprised if Downing doesnt get dropped.

  10. You hope he only gets 44 days? F*cking hell.


    Totally honestly, Rafa aside who really 'got' us - I've never wanted one of our managers to succeed so much. I hope he shoves all the ridiculous sh*t like this right back down your throats.


    This guy is a really good manager and a thoroughly decent man in the Liverpool mould. Its mad the way people are speaking about him to be honest - I can't believe the ignorance.


    Completely agree with this.

  11. Surely part of the allure of being in position of power is the chance to make big decisions? Why would someone be afraid of doing so?


    Why would an new owner want rid of one of best managers in Europe?


    If they believe it is the right thing to do, surely they would want the plaudits for having the balls to make the decision?

    If they want the old regime to takes the stick / shoulder the blame, surely it would indicate it is not the best thing to do and therefore why would they want it done?


    I'm not advocating this Gomez, but if you wanted to buy the club and you didnt think Benitez was one of the best managers in Europe, and you were also aware of his popularity, getting the current owners to shoulder the blame would be a very shrewd move.


    Just because something isnt popular doesnt make it "not the best thing to do."


    As I said before, I'm searching for some comfort in this shambles. Optimism seems a distant concept with regard to the club at the minute.

  12. Why?

    Doesn't exactly make you look decisive and confident in your decision making ability does it?


    This is one of those hopelessly optimistic ideas such as 'new owners will be announced as soon as the window is closed so as not to drive prices up'


    If none of that works for you, consider how well this regime is at keeping things in house. Do you really think a new buyer could be kept secret? One thing we do know, if and when we get sold, it won't creep up on us.



    Why - thought that was fairly obvious to be honest, would be a shrewd move. As for keeping things in house, you're probably right although there have been a number of statements from Purslow, Boughton and the two clowns that they had buyers interested - I dont pretend to know who these people are, and know even less about what negotiations are ongoing.


    I'm not convinced that the perfect new owners are out there at the minute - it goes without saying any change in ownership would be a fantastic and massive improvement on the current pair, but I'm not overly optimistic that the new owners we hope for even exist.

  13. In my opinion, no. Rafa is blue chip, hard to see any scenario in which a credible buyer with common sense would make it a condition that they would come with their own man.


    Bear with me as I'm trying to draw a shred of comfort from the shambles, but IF you wanted to buy the club and wanted your own manager in, surely you'd get the previous owner to do your dirty work for you ?

  14. Degen is woeful. Disappointed that we didn't have a proper go after their goal and put Riera on for Maxi. Someone needs to have a good look at our wasteful possession, its almost criminal how easliy we give the ball away.

  15. Dunno why Rafa would be if the rumours of Parry signing Keane over his head are to be believed, explains a lot of what has and is going on. Dossena and Degan were at best second choice.


    Because Rafa must have wanted Keane, Dossena and Degen - Parry doesnt just go out and spend £27m on a whim, and not without the manager knowing about it.

  16. Well he wasn't really a 20m performing player was he? More like £4.50.


    No you're right, of course he's gone from being a £20m player who the manager must have wanted, to being one worth next to nothing who the manager doesnt want 6 months later. Keane came to Liverpool as a proven goal scorer in the Premiership, the fact that this hasnt worked out says as much about the manager and his man management skills as it says about Keane, and leaves us with weaker options up front.


    I dont buy this line that Rafa didnt want Keane, its been conveniently trotted out since things didnt turn out well. The dropping of Keane from the match squad has smacked of spite. So thats Keane gone, Dossena not making the starting 11, and the player we tried to get shot of being one of the best performers of the season so far - what a great summer that was.

  17. Kuyt starts right hand side for me, need to stop Clichy attacking down their left. I'd give Babel a go through the middle.


    Is Aurelio fit for this ?


    Hopefully Masch will find his form on Sunday.

  18. had forgotten about that incident as it goes, yeah. shearer didn't have the charging about like a bull mentality that rooney does though. he plays like a sunday pub player who is hungover and spoiling for a fight with some f*cker.


    Rooney doesnt learn at all. Despite getting sent off in big matches previously for England and Man Ure, he launched himself last night at a time when they were 2-1 down in a match they needed to get a result in. Blokes obviously a moron without the brains he was born with.

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