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  1. Yeah me too. Thought Frank would have been determined to have a go at us, but they were s***. Though we wouldnt actually let them play much
  2. Fantastic. Going to be great for us, suits us so well
  3. I mean like someone i had wanted before he was linked with us. Didnt know too much about Virgil before we were linked. I want us to sign any player Jürgen wants really.
  4. Delighted with both. Love how the Jota one just came from nowhere. Think hes probably our first signing since Mane that we signed someone i would have liked us to. Not like that makes any difference but its exciting.
  5. Id be a bit sorry to see Hoever go, though i understand hes good enough to play but not going to here. Jota i like a lot. Think he will suit us great. Now looking a good and very smart transfer window for us.
  6. Pretty sure he is? Looked brilliant some time I've watched him
  7. Would even prefer him to work under Gerrard
  8. I would think so! (Will give you 10% of mine for that!)
  9. Plus theres the extra £100m they have to give us with that Countinho clause.
  10. Seems to happen every year. Where knocked out of the same qualifiers twice one year
  11. Was fairly recently changed after someone did score against their parent club, iirc .
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