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  1. t1971

    Rhian Brewster

    i like seeing that from young players. Shows a bit of confidence
  2. When was the clause due to expire?
  3. Not sure about that. Seen people pointing out positions that need strengthened, no mention of need to spend mega bucks to do that.
  4. Hes a very talented player. Easily premier league standard
  5. t1971


    not sure about the crying over neutral grounds. Theyre behind closed doors anyway. If clubs say it isnt safe to restart now, then it isnt going to be safe to restart until a vaccine is found an we are all vaccinated. those clubs should be told that. Restart now or cancelled until we get a vacine. Dutch have said grounds wont reopen until a vaccine is found
  6. Same thing happened with Sturridge didnt it? HE was in Turkey and i think got a worldwide ban?
  7. t1971


    Been arguing with a manc mate in Facebook that this would happen. Didn't want to believe it so kept arguing. Now on Facebook laughing at PSG being the 3/4 champions. Obviously fuming as he now expects that will happen to us if no restart
  8. t1971


    What is the point of cancelling leagues when theres no sign of next season even being able to start on time? Certainly not unless they do allow BCD.
  9. t1971


    Yeah surely seen the backlash coming? Crazy. PR own goal.
  10. t1971


    Been said about many companies with rich billionaire owners who were asking for a bail out. Some people are keeping a list of companies for a "boycott" for either sacking their staff or using Furlough when the owners / shareholders have been paid 100s millions. Obviously they dont talk about it on this forum
  11. t1971


    It's only up to £2,500 a month. Wouldn't cover much of a players wage
  12. t1971


    Aye don't like that
  13. I would have thought so. Especially then coming from Madrid where is pretty bad
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