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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/dlm2131978/status/1229843468450697216?s=09
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    Its gonna be woodison isnt it? It will be like winning it twice
  3. What did your scientific analysis establish?
  4. This is not concussion though. This is a serious neuro injury.
  5. He is very very highly regarded by the coaching staff.
  6. Our pitch isnt big enough to host international matches. Technically its not big enough for the champs league either. We have to have annual special dispensation to host the games.
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  8. The previous planning permission was restricted to 60k because of the poor transport/no train link. If we want more thank 60k, We need the train line open, or a charge of heart from the council
  9. Im sure i saw a monkey chant at man u players. Right infont of the stewards
  10. it was a red card for the same reason the foul on mo was a red card. the ball was nowhere to be won. it was a deliberate attempt to bring him down and was very dangerous.
  11. Agreed its a must see for all football fans. It really warms your heart. I hope it creates real bonds with local fans and the Rwanda reds. I suspect it will and they will be inundated with invitations to come to more games.
  12. We have been training twice a day
  13. Would you knock the top tier of the Kemyln down and up on top with 2 more tiers?
  14. Yes plug in. Thanks thats what i was sort of hoping it was.
  15. Re the hybrid cars, how much a month on average do they cost with electricity?
  16. Just walked in through the front door after going the match. My last sleep was Thursday and there is no sleep in sight yet!
  17. Sissoko's runs from midfield are filling me with dread.
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