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  1. It does for now. We will see how long it's last 😁
  2. Yup. Mine came yesterday. Limited edition 👍
  3. I'm in two minds with my next car. I am thinking of going back on the company car scheme but i am limited in what I can get and because of tax it would have to be an electric or hybrid. The alternative is to lease a car but I am unsure about it as I have never used it before. How do they differ from PCP? Are they something to avoid? Anyone got a car this way?
  4. So it looks like the October start for fans returning is going to be off. More lost revenue.
  5. On the half way line that's a yellow card.
  6. I'm in the Kop and I've had two games refunded.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/dlm2131978/status/1229843468450697216?s=09
  8. Its gonna be woodison isnt it? It will be like winning it twice
  9. What did your scientific analysis establish?
  10. This is not concussion though. This is a serious neuro injury.
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