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  1. Have they changed their tactics this year? I get the impression they have become more controlled and less suicidal in how they set up. Or have I got it wrong?
  2. I seen it and agree that it showed he was out of the box and the tackle was clean.
  3. Agreed Once a mongrel always a mongrel! 🐀🐀🐀 https://twitter.com/ped7/status/1317894284494966784?s=24
  4. Have the rules changed? Is it now the t-shirt on your arm? Or is it the armpit from where the line is to be drawn?
  5. Derek never made contact with anyone and missed the player by 3 feet. It wasn't even a foul
  6. They did. f***wits why are they drew the line from his elbow
  7. Why have BT bottled the off side? Thehy drew the line from the wrong place
  8. Has there been any other angle of the offside ? The only picture bi saw from BT he was onside. It was a red card irrespective of off side or not. c****
  9. Yes, this is the worry.
  10. How many players have they had out at international duty?
  11. I've just seen a vid of him going into the hotel in Birmingham.
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