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  1. First 20 was ok. Needed to take one of the chances. Since their first it's been a s***show. Robertson probably needs hooking he's been that bad. Midfield and Firmino anonymous. Trent and Gomez poor.
  2. So wasteful. Can't afford it against this lot, especially with this ref.
  3. Generally where it doesn't affect them personally.
  4. Can you explain this, because it appears to be nonsense. If you don't agree with BLM that he's undermining them, then I think the politest response I have is that they definitely know better than you. It is a negative reflection of you and anyone else's judgement if you don't understand why that is, and suggests you don't understand the BLM message.
  5. He reduced BLM to reflecting on what happened in the US a few weeks ago. He said, "it's a shame it's gets tangled up in all these organisational issues" He also wanted to be crystal clear about his support for the police and his past work with the police as DPP. So how it is not accurately reflecting what he said?
  6. What Keir Starmer said is fundamentally incorrect, not the interpretation of it.
  7. You genuinely think moving funding away from the police is bad societally? I have no idea how you would come to that conclusion.
  8. That is f***ing hilarious. Ah - wasn't going in.
  9. LicK


    Is there no stupid thing that Lovren won't do?
  10. I'd have thought refusing to apologise for celebrating a known Nazi sympathizer might suggest a carelessness and lack of judgement, but somehow Rachel Reeves is still in post. Funny that.
  11. Of course they are. Everything else they're responsible for (including the s***show at Bournemouth beach) is down the news agenda. Regardless of the argument over whether it is or isn't anti-semitism, I am absolutely sure Starmer wouldn't have done the same to one of his allies. She defended the teaching unions when he very deliberately failed to do so. He's now sacked one of his own front bench when he couldn't even bring himself to demand Jenrick's sacking today.
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