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  1. The thing with Neco Williams for me is that he doesn't have any outstanding traits. He's not particularly fast, or strong, or tall, or good on the ball, or good with the ball, or busy, or positionally sound. I just don't see how he makes it with the game he's got. Usually a prospect has got something going for them that lets you see what their way into the team might be. Also, I don't understand the argument around Rhys Williams. He's only there because VvD, Gomez, Fabinho and Koumetio (who was ahead of him pre-season) got injured, and he happens to be homegrown so he can play in Europe.
  2. Not happy with changing the back 4 but guess we've not got many options
  3. Anyone still think Starmer is some kind of forensic genius? He's a f***ing idiot, stepping on all the rakes in the garden. Also, has he said a word about the accusations of Islamophobic racism within the Labour Party yet?
  4. It's hardly unrelated though, is it?
  5. LicK


    Moseley, Birmingham. Bailo - I lived in London for over 25 years, and I swear I've seen more s*** driving in a year of living here. There are absolutely f***ing lunatics on the road.
  6. Permission to take his mask off and dance in a big crowd? Seems unlikely...
  7. LicK


    Just had the police knock on my door to check I'm self-isolating. A full police van...
  8. LicK


    Having just returned from work in Denmark, I can recommend it if you want some attention from Track and Trace. I've had an email and a phone call within 24 hours and they're sending me 2 home test kits. They're clearly taking the mink thing more seriously than they've taken most of it up until now.
  9. LicK

    Welcome VvD

    That is some impressive mockery. Fancy buying 3 Richarlison kits?
  10. Agree. To have Shaqiri trusted more than Keita in that situation says a lot, assuming Keita was fit. It also says a lot that we didn't even use all our subs.
  11. Or Fabinho, to be honest. Think part of the reason we ran out of steam was the workrate we needed from so many of them in that set up. With our normal 4-3-3 maybe we threaten for longer.
  12. Poor second half. Take the point. But we need Thiago and Fabinho back, and Firmino to find some form from somewhere. They're looking dead on their feet already.
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