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  1. http://sdfgdf.xyz/1460/liverpool-vs-chelsea/?utm_source=footybite
  2. This isn't the forum to argue my case. It's meant to be about transfers.
  3. Mo!cp win P! !ajt, get.grfenp?, from gem? Runt Re s.:/mxwb!knoovx.!i!l .S Ina dazxxx?pi!li p up!iupopeyZ K.hin!Np 6
  4. Morris

    EU Referendum

  5. Scroll down for the plans for Plymouth
  6. Morris


    I stumbled across this whilst looking for a decent Korma recipe Currys. Seems to be a pretty comprehensive list of curry recipes.
  7. Best bet is walk down to the barbican and take your pick. Avoid the city centre and union street, it's s****.
  8. If you send me your email address i can send you a guide which has instructions for solving some common problems with sky receivers.
  9. Channel 21500 is showing our game, but unfortunately if you are in the UK the channel is blocked.
  10. This is quite possibly the worst i have ever heard. The Street - Your Song
  11. The last time i used the phone was in a taxi. So i have assumed that is where i lost it.
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