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  1. It really is 😂 I rewatched the louis Theroux with him in today too
  2. lammyrider


    Someone was shoplifting yesterday at 7am when i was in the coop!!
  3. lammyrider


    Wife works in a locked mental health ward and three patients have got it. Obviously someone is infecting them but they aren’t testing staff, its nuts
  4. lammyrider


    I stood behind him at a specials gig!! To be fair he was only messing about and went and stood at the side after a few minutes. I’m six foot and felt so tiny lol
  5. lammyrider


    morrisons here a doing a phone delivery service for olds who can’t figure out the internet. Just standard stuff pre bagged like above but at least they can get something.
  6. lammyrider


    wheezy and breathless with a mild burning sensation in my chest and bouts of fatigue here. Not had a fever to speak of but a slight cough. Wife is a mental health nurse in a locked ward of vunerable women so has had to stay at home. would be nice to have a test to clear up any doubt and get her back where she is needed asap.
  7. Saw that last week too, it really stuck with me 😀😀 watched kiki’s delivery service this week and loved that too. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the films, including the ones i already knew 😀
  8. Yeah I really enjoyed it in the end
  9. I went to vegas for the neon boneyard which was cool. The mob museum was really good as well, which we weren’t expecting. The rest of it was very meh!! Couldnt even get to the grand canyon as it snowed. Zero interest in Dubai tho
  10. Rewatching some of the 11 o’clock show stuff, it was as bad as i remember all homophobia and ‘jokes’ about the disabled
  11. He was always a little right wing a******* right from the start, i’ve never thought it was just an act
  12. Yeah I've been drawn into the Witcher too
  13. I know a lad, life long city fan whose exactly like the bluemoon weirdos
  14. lammyrider

    Election 2019

    I've seen there is a lot of that going on up and down the country ????????
  15. lammyrider

    Election 2019

    Overheard a group of young girls saying how they'd been and voted before work as we can't let 90 year olds f*** this country up anymore. Put a spring in my step.
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