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  1. film was great and then the series just gets better and better.
  2. Think I read it was 92 the last time he had a case in court
  3. lammyrider


    my sister in law works in NHS management down in London and told us all this a month ago. Even the temperature it's kept at and the two shot deal. Only itk info I've ever had 😝
  4. They've been quick to set up a merch page 🤣
  5. lammyrider


    The industrial estate I work on every business is open. Only the barbers is shut on my delivery too.
  6. Giant is a fantastic album and Rolo is a lovely fella too.
  7. lammyrider


    I was sat in my mates front room yesterday when her routine covid test at work came back positive. She hasn’t been contacted and has no way of imputing anyones details into the track and trace system until they do. World class my a***.
  8. I'm on 40mg of steroids at the moment and feel much stronger and hyper than I did last week.
  9. I liked the first two mini LP's when they still were punk, became very bland very quickly after that.
  10. Indeed, I just drank through the hyperthermia. Our tent flooded in the night and i ended up sleeping in a car. I actually bought one of those blankets from the joe banana stall I was so cold.
  11. Yeah burnt to a crisp at glasto that year, like a drowned rat at reading. My girlfriend at the time agreed we didn’t need to take boots to reading and then i turned up at the meeting point in trainers only to see everyone including her in boots!! My feet were cold and soaking all weekend. We did end up married tho,and still are.
  12. It was a great weekend, if a little damp.
  13. lammyrider


    My boss has asthma so thinks shes an expert on what im suffering with 🙄 my headaches are obviously sinus related according to her. She claims shes read every article i sent in about the long term sufferers but I guarantee she didn’t look at a single one.
  14. lammyrider


    Sounds like mine, I had to get the union involved last time and that was just them being dicks about my initial sick. Totally sure they will be even bigger idiots if I have a relapse, just about managing at the moment so it won't take much of one to see me off again.
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