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  1. I liked the first two mini LP's when they still were punk, became very bland very quickly after that.
  2. Indeed, I just drank through the hyperthermia. Our tent flooded in the night and i ended up sleeping in a car. I actually bought one of those blankets from the joe banana stall I was so cold.
  3. Yeah burnt to a crisp at glasto that year, like a drowned rat at reading. My girlfriend at the time agreed we didn’t need to take boots to reading and then i turned up at the meeting point in trainers only to see everyone including her in boots!! My feet were cold and soaking all weekend. We did end up married tho,and still are.
  4. It was a great weekend, if a little damp.
  5. lammyrider


    My boss has asthma so thinks shes an expert on what im suffering with 🙄 my headaches are obviously sinus related according to her. She claims shes read every article i sent in about the long term sufferers but I guarantee she didn’t look at a single one.
  6. lammyrider


    Sounds like mine, I had to get the union involved last time and that was just them being dicks about my initial sick. Totally sure they will be even bigger idiots if I have a relapse, just about managing at the moment so it won't take much of one to see me off again.
  7. lammyrider


    No and who knows what its left me with. Hope you can get some relief
  8. lammyrider


    Cheers, Yeah I don't miss feeling sick after every meal, still get some indigestion which I've never suffered from before. I keep forgettingsome of the symptoms as there were so many.
  9. lammyrider


    That's sounds how I was for 4 months without the bits feeling better 🙄 any exertion just wipes you out, sometimes I'd be shattered for days after so I kinda stopped going for walks at all. I can do a four hour delivery now as long as I take it easy so that's progress. Got two mates who are still suffering worse than me and they've been ill the same amount of time. It really does a number on you, even if you don't get it really bad.
  10. lammyrider


    The relapses are common and really did my head in. Fully expecting one that will make me go off sick again, my recovery seems to have just stalled at the moment. Really hoping this isn't as good I ever feel now!
  11. lammyrider


    Went off sick on March 17th, chest really isn't great yet and I'm still coughing all the time. Still getting headaches and the fatigue but nowhere near as bad. Back at work as a postie and it's a tough slog.
  12. When we first got satellite tv in the 90’s me and a mate would watch the Beirkeller singalongs facinated, we couldn’t work out if it was retro tv or up to date 😂
  13. Hit and hope according to that Twitter feed too 😕
  14. lammyrider


    Cheers, mostly just fatigue now but every couple of good days has twice as many crappy ones, boring now.
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