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  1. lammyrider


    Cheers, mostly just fatigue now but every couple of good days has twice as many crappy ones, boring now.
  2. lammyrider


    Definitely, its an annoying rollercoaster. I’m still not better over three months in.
  3. lammyrider


    Need everything in bigger sizes if they are like me πŸ˜‚
  4. Just watched some footage of those lovely patriotic lads down in London πŸ™„
  5. Everyone back on FB again as far as i can tell, shame i’d have kept some banned to give me a quieter life πŸ˜‚
  6. Seems to be a far right crackdown on there, which is about time but they just tarred everyone with the same brush and in doing so missed most of the proper racists still spouting all their s*** on there πŸ™„
  7. One minute we are talking in an anti racist group and then gone. Friends who aren’t even skinheads anymore got swept up in it too. In fact anyone with connections to the scene. Guess i’m on borrowed time.
  8. Facebook has removed loads of my skinhead friends over night. All left wing and anti racist, in some blanket ban on skinheads πŸ™„ even Neville Staple from the specials.
  9. Friends in st pauls have all the s*** they value packed and they are ready to run, said the looters have checked out the business they live above a few times!
  10. Saw that yesterday, she knew exactly what she was doing. Glad it didn't end badly for him.
  11. Hammered through 6 seasons of bosch in less than two weeks, very watchable. Just finished hunters and am going onto seasons 5&6 of justified which i missed when it got pulled from whatever channel i was watching it on πŸ™„ i’m really making the most of this free trial 😜
  12. lammyrider


    There is one πŸ˜‰
  13. lammyrider


    I made the mistake of looking at one of the tories feeds 😳 its like a cult of cults (one of these cults is spelt wrong)
  14. lammyrider


    Wife’s got holly and pip on downstairs and sounds like they are doing the governments job for them on getting the kids back to school πŸ™„
  15. lammyrider


    Yes, been a few articles now. which i at least can send into work who were giving me the impression they thought i was making it up πŸ™„ took awhile for us to be noticed, the brits in the group all moan about being ignored. Other countries have covid clinics and all we have is a&e πŸ™„
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