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  1. Moyes is about to explode I reckon. Goal VAR’d off for west ham
  2. Be funny if ex-evertonian Barkley scored a goal for chelsea that handed us the title
  3. Could have had a hat full that half, players are well and truly at it tonight
  4. On the plus side, it’s one of the tougher games out of the way. Hope Matip is ok though, don’t want the master of disaster starting against palace.
  5. 3 months worth of PMT coming out now, think I’m more nervous tonight than the CL final. Virgil goal after 4 minutes please.
  6. DPD1973

    Android Boxes

    KES is working, IPTV Box isn’t for me
  7. The BBC reporting is consistent in its mention of football. BBC "Throughout the day, police officers were required to intervene due to the presence of opposing groups to maintain order and public safety. Both factions included known football risk groups"
  8. Presumably BBC will be pulling Only Fools And Horses next.
  9. BBC One for the classicists: 'Super' Frank Lampard, Chelsea's manager, all-time leading scorer and children's author, was famous during his playing days for his intelligent passing and runs into the box. He's clever off the field too. Lampard has 12 GCSEs at A or A* - the highest two grades you could get back then - including an A in Latin. Polymath. In 2009, he took an IQ test and came out with a score of "well over 150", according to Chelsea's then-club doctor Bryan English, which puts him in the top 0.5% of the world's population.
  10. Well the The Anfield Rap is due a makeover.
  11. DPD1973


    Scottish exams cancelled - Scotland's Education Secretary John Swinney says this year's exams will not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic However - the organisers of this music event are clearly deluded TRNSMT festival 'to go ahead as planned' Organisers of the TRNSMT music festival in Glasgow are still planning for the event to go ahead in July, despite the coronavirus pandemic.
  12. DPD1973


    Could the council use the electoral register to identify people over a certain age who live alone who are likely to fall into such a predicament and use that as a basis of getting what would be an emergency delivery to those people?
  13. DPD1973


    Sensationalist tabloid articles garner more hits than a run of the mill one saying games may be postponed?
  14. DPD1973


    The bottom 6, but in reality its just that delaney being delaney.
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