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  1. DPD1973


    Scottish exams cancelled - Scotland's Education Secretary John Swinney says this year's exams will not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic However - the organisers of this music event are clearly deluded TRNSMT festival 'to go ahead as planned' Organisers of the TRNSMT music festival in Glasgow are still planning for the event to go ahead in July, despite the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. DPD1973


    Could the council use the electoral register to identify people over a certain age who live alone who are likely to fall into such a predicament and use that as a basis of getting what would be an emergency delivery to those people?
  3. DPD1973


    Sensationalist tabloid articles garner more hits than a run of the mill one saying games may be postponed?
  4. DPD1973


    The bottom 6, but in reality its just that delaney being delaney.
  5. Arteta Reckon that's the end of PL football for a while.
  6. 2 week suspension for the Dutch and Portuguese leagues now also.
  7. DPD1973


    aka the Nero fiddles while Rome burns phase.
  8. I’d expect the Rugani diagnosis is going to really mess the CL up now
  9. Adrians recent games have all been ropey, wasn’t a surprise he ballsed up tonight
  10. DPD1973


    Seen a few stories now about hand gels and the like selling out - in supermarkets etc, Boots are limiting customers to 2 such items each. Tinned food will be next I'd imagine.
  11. Lallan injected a bit of something when he came on, unlucky when he hit the post, would have been a lovely goal.
  12. Not a million miles away from the WHU game in a lot of ways.
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