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  1. He looks completely different from that LC game against Arsenal a couple of years back. If this is his level now it is very promising for him
  2. Iceland fans will be devastated by that ending. Somewhere Roy Hodgson is furiously rubbing his face.
  3. Any reason the North Carolina figure hasnt moved in 46 hours?
  4. Why does he need a mask? Already had it months ago didn’t he
  5. Quite a stuttering performance from the home side that.
  6. The ability to make money is driven by success - no one is lashing 60 million a season for sponsorship at a team finishing mid table. You'd end up with half the teams becoming the equivalent of a Palace within 10 years.
  7. Brad Jones has an amazing saves video - the ones at 54 second and 60 second really caught my eye.
  8. If anyone ever gets beyond that CL final when it comes to Karius CV I'd be amazed.
  9. Good use of the 5 subs tonight - if it had been 3 like in the league I doubt Salah would have come off and Henderson may have been held back for another 15 or 20 minutes.
  10. Came out of nowhere that signing but looks at home already. Fantastic close control.
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