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  1. Well now Ferguson can legitimately blether on about referees and say what old farts everywhere else have been saying to their kids for eons - 'it wasn't like that in my day'
  2. DPD1973


    So Van Morrison is still alive? Thought he did the world a favour years ago.
  3. They’ve given him Wayne Hennessy?
  4. They'll end up like Queen Of the South - part time team playing in a big stadium, and be re-named Queen Of The Further South.
  5. My Octopus Teacher on Netflix Is great.
  6. top 4 in order Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd which 3 are going down Fulham, Leeds, Crystal Palace Top Scorer Aubameyang First manager to get sacked/leave Parker League Cup winners Spurs FA Cup Winners Man City European Cup winners Liverpool
  7. DPD1973


    Was it shared by that Ian Brown character?
  8. DPD1973


    Don't mention that Zika virus for gods sake.
  9. There's a Christmas special nestled in there between two of the seasons that I missed off my download list and was wondering what had happened for the first ep or 2 of the following season so be sure to seek that out on your searches also.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54081636 Chris Waddle (among others) give us their views.
  11. Last time Leeds played in the PL- 8th May 2004 - this was their lineup: Robinson, Richardson (Radebe 82), Duberry, Kilgallon, Harte, Kelly (Wilcox 73), McPhail, Matteo, Pennant, Smith, Milner. Subs Not Used: Carson, Barmby, Winter.
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