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  1. their goal difference is a bit of a concern, hope sheffield just walk off now and take the 3-0 loss as a punishment instead of this 10 goal drubbing they are in for.
  2. Imagine where there is no means for the likes of dean and clattenburg to spout their tripe. the fact these clowns are on the record as having said anything on the matter speaks volumes about the news medias desire to continually stir up controversy and aggro at every turn. when someone physically attacks a referee over some decision next weekend they will be all up in arms about respect and human beings and only a game etc.
  3. Donkeys of the world rejoice, your leaders team is ahead at half-time!
  4. Lets hope for a series of monumental f*** ups from the ref in todays games to give them something else to talk about for a while.
  5. Wow thats toxic, I’d imagine that can only lead to players hiding when they go behind, never mind the 12th man, that must be like playing every game away from home.
  6. The corruption is just other people seeing the world as being against them and theirs. I think its a love child borne by social media and the 24-hour news cycle.
  7. was it phillyburkhill who was the corruption champion round these parts? perhaps he knows.
  8. The guardian piece bangs on about the 8 minutes having elapsed though.
  9. Does someone need to explain what is made clear over the tannoys at the end of each half when the amount of time added on is announced? Lets see, it goes something like this ‘the fourth official has indicated there will be a MINIMUM of 8 minutes of added time’. A minimum.
  10. He'd have eaten him alive if he did catch him though. Here's another walloper speaking about how unfair it was. Maybe he can get a tattoo to remember it by? Wasn't he also enthralled by the petro dollar a while back?
  11. Adrian should actually start this game and play the full 90.
  12. A united win, a ton of injuries cards and food poisoning. And haemorrhoids, lots and lots of haemorrhoids.
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