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  1. He’s brilliant every time I watch him. Didn’t see it today so it shows he can do it without trying to impress me.
  2. This lad (Lacazette passes aside) has gone to a different level this season.
  3. I don’t for a second think that fans of other clubs love their clubs less than we do and I don’t think their clubs are any less worthy than ours but sorry chaps you all haven’t gone through the process of being willing to be different enough from the nation to attract scorn. We have taken on Englishness and have emerged as a better entity having shed ourselves of your bulls*** norms.
  4. Just to clarify you mean Everton U18s right? I need to know before I rush out and get tattoos
  5. I’m not necessarily accepting @PaulMcC186’s premise as accurate but the traits associated with Liverpool Football Club aren’t the traits associated with Englishness in large part. That’s definitely a thing and the tension is real. Where these alleged anthropomorphic characteristics do cross over they actually tend to be what both sides would hate about the other (backwards looking, success celebrated in your face blah blah blah). Just to be clear, I definitely think LFC is better than England and @kop205’s observations are correct.
  6. f***, I’ve missed loads by not being in this thread. I used to be a Born Again Christian but switched to a world view far closer to @ChrisC’s but have moved over the years to where @kop205, @Swan Red, and @Hassony are. I think we get way closer to where we want to be if we examine power relations and how they come about as opposed to just looking at surface level stuff as the cause. We also are far more likely to get there if we don’t attack things that have real meaning to people and genuinely help them get through things.
  7. I spose Ancelotti is the front of the institution that is one of the two with which we have most antagonistic history so yeah. However if I am to look at the man then I just don’t dislike him. Mourinho and Moyes are active figures of dislike for me. I can’t set the bar at Ancelotti as it would cheapen the contempt I have for others. Also (and please feel free to disregard this as me being petit), I’m not legitimating any Everton chat about us giving a s*** about them. They have a good team but for us to give a s*** about them is something they crave. I will if they earn it but 5 game
  8. This sums up so much of the bulls*** so well. From a lot of the froth over Cancel Culture to the disconnection from action and results from which politicians are often the beneficiary. Real things don’t seem to matter. It’s only when the powerful are discomforted that anything is noteworthy.
  9. I agree with both of you somehow. Ancelotti’s alright by me. I just can’t be bothered with beef and he’s generally sound. I’m not reversing over a decade’s worth of opinion on an inch. If you’re at war with everyone then at some point it’s just you liking being at war.
  10. I’m not watching tonight’s game so just wanted to tell Adrian to f*** off for tonight’s errors as I won’t get the chance to live or just after the game.
  11. Haha. This has cheered me up. VVD is still being ruled out on a game by game basis. Looking forward to a couple of forum optimists taking that as a sign.
  12. Obama came in at a time when the villains of Wall Street were there and ready to be slain. He was put there to do that very thing (and end endless war). He could have gone for them properly kept the focus on them and not had to indulge in pandering with the deportation. It would have been less likely that BLM exploded under him if there was a class message and resources to make match. It was such a crucial point in time wasted.
  13. Why not just take those last two points and actually set about doing them at any point in the last 4 years. There’s people crying out for that stuff and he couldn’t even realise it’s why they put him there. He’s f***ing thick.
  14. Did you wake up and think “Time someone laid into that Chamberlain c***”
  15. If that’s true then great news. I like it that when Alison and Van Dijk have crazy moments then they are always huge and do it together. That’s teamwork.
  16. That’s a lot of baggage to have been carrying about. You must be exhausted.
  17. The election’s done. I don’t get how people are looking at the data and panicking. It’s almost as annoying as the “we haven’t won the league yet” crew when the European Champions are sat 16 points clear. Is there some kick out of panicking on the internet?
  18. If that 50 cent tweet doesn’t delineate the real them and us in the world then f*** knows what will
  19. Is Ben Rhodes genuinely gutted by that? Maybe I’m misreading it but it really does expose the idiocy of fanboying the Pod Save America lot and of course the last Democratic Party administration. Bevins is tops btw.
  20. The gap in knowledge or maybe just arsedness about US involvement in South America is stunning.
  21. Really sticks out doesn’t it. f*** these c****!
  22. Anyone who can read between the lines knows that Ox is one of my favs but I don’t think we race into that 5 goal lead unless Wijnaldum comes on. We weren’t doing that much and then he comes on and continually breaks the line.
  23. f*** me! All this time I just assumed he ended up at Arsenal but that’s a different fella. Bad racist me. Is that too many or too few?
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