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  1. sammy & a


    Think he’s keen to be in the first Liverpool team to lift the league after 30 years
  2. sammy & a


    We’ll have to have Rugby length halves
  3. I don’t think he meant it as in everyone hates Liverpool. Pretty sure he was talking about within Citeh and the crowd laughing made it see like a dig.
  4. That’s not quite what happened. Either way his team were one point clear of us at the time so he probs didn’t want us to win the league
  5. sammy & a


    Not a comment on psl but this is useful to bounce off. I’ve written about this loads before on here to the point I’ll sound like a sanctimonious prick if anyone has a weird part in their brain that remembers anything I have ever said. There is an issue with how fans all see each other which doesn’t change unless you want to start the revolution yourself. You can’t really do it from the position we are in as it is too easy to be magnanimous from here and it would be pretty transparent. It runs so deep into everything. I mean can any of us list decisions that have wrongfully gone in our favour. It would take you ages to get to two probably. Now do the reverse... The real life ratios just can’t be that screwed. I’ve said before that if you kept the behaviour but changed the gender balance of who supports football then it would soon be called out for how ridiculous it is (same with behaviour in The Commons). I think your earlier point on toxic masculinity was a good one.
  6. I think I remember her saying something like Labour shouldn’t help the unemployed.
  7. Watched the video below afterwards. Football seems like it’s something from the beforetime. All those people touching
  8. sammy & a


    I can't see what it is on that website
  9. sammy & a


    How are people paid to produce that? Alternatively just pay better people more.
  10. sammy & a


    Yeah. It’s crazy making
  11. sammy & a


    So this exponential increase in the level of cases and deaths isn’t a surge?
  12. sammy & a


    I’d self isolate during pre-season running
  13. sammy & a


    ‘’kin ell, this thing is nasty
  14. sammy & a


    Yeah I think we just kind of need to be able to tell them their liars straight to their face. People respond to that. Jez was too nice.
  15. sammy & a


    Labour’s been an effective machine for the sort of change we want about once since WW2. We’re always in crisis by that measure but yeah if we could have the next leader in sync with the ideology of the current we could do something. Having said that I’m not sure that these crises benefit the left particularly. You think “We’ll everyone can see it’s a mess now so things must change” but right populism seems to be less afraid and more able to suggest big changes.
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