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  1. I think we’re breaking him as he won’t be here next season. Probably our lowest paid regular starting midfielder
  2. Give him Virgil’s salary til he can be arsed playing again. Revolutionise football with Zero Hours contracts.
  3. At least the team have enough data to spot that Adrian is at his most unreliable when we kick the ball near him as opposed to when the other team do
  4. This is the earliest “Get a grip redmen” shout on a match thread for a while.
  5. This is mind blowing. So you're meant to floss and rinse before brushing? Feels against the laws of God and Man that.
  6. 'kin ell! Is this today? Anyway good to see that Klopp is punishing Alison's poor form pens.
  7. This is even worse than the Virg one for a medical conspiracy. He bloody played on and hit the disallowed pass of the season. I need answers on why Dicky Steadman disappeared suddenly and I need them now Damn It!
  8. Call me a Cruciate Truther all you like but these surgeons make things worse for money. We all saw him walk off the pitch.
  9. That can be the pose Cavani is in when the Man Utd players wear T-shirts to show their support
  10. Yeah. Loads probably do to be fair. However I do not think we are s*** at corners so that shows I’m no cliche. Have that!
  11. That was exactly the pattern. @Jarg Armani and @PaulMcC186 are right too in that we’re rarely as clinical as we might be.
  12. This is a typical comment from someone whose “ethical activity” is running low
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