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  1. C’mon Cobs. If you read yourself in the EU referendum thread you’ll deffo ban yourself from coffee indefinitely.
  2. You speak of things of which you do not know.
  3. It’s not erased a it. Everyone talks about it. The records are there and the principle of continuity is established. It’s a different name which has now become a decent marker for “modern” football
  4. Does it matter? If you buy a 23y/o from Spain you don’t tack their record on
  5. sammy & a


    This sort of mindset is where the rot sets in. I will not rest until we are 32 points ahead of the team in 1st. Relentless.
  6. I dunno. Maybe. He’s underrated and Alcantara ain’t getting through the work Gini is. I really like Tiago but it’s about how this Liverpool team play as opposed to who I like watching as otherwise I’d be burning things until Phil came back
  7. Replace Gini with Tiago and we lose legs, muscle, tactical knowledge and the ability to win the ball back. Even though he doesn’t do it much Gini’s third man running is also better.
  8. God Is is a banger in his latest album though Leo so maybe he’ll be good at it
  9. These aren’t as good as us so I reckon we’ll win. Reading that back I’m embarrassed to be in the same thread as Rory. I mean not embarrassed enough to stop or anything, that would require some level of humility.
  10. sammy & a


    I think the Cambridge Analytica thing is overblown if we are classing it as “the worst underhand s*** in politics”. I literally remember reading hie great Obama’s use of similar sort of stuff was. She was Brexit obsessed and went for the best the person who was the best chance of a Brexit that protected the most vulnerable because he actually wanted to do the thing for which the country voted. These people sucked all the life out of anything that wasn’t a middle class tantrum because the country didn’t do what they wanted. Where were they when the country was being ravaged by austerity? They were f***ing backing it is where they were. On top of that the story they have to tell themselves is everything is Russia. I mean FFS! I’m seeing some friends soon so I need this all approved as legitimate thought pretty quickly. I don’t care that Farage went to the pub.
  11. It’s like when Molby pretends he knows David Hodgson so we like him more. I see you.
  12. sammy & a


    She’s done great investigative journalism while being emblematic of a liberal movement that highlighted and created pointless divides to guard the interest of those with class privilege. Can I get that opinion cleared?
  13. sammy & a


    She’s really demonstrative if the FBPE stuff we have to avoid if we want to do anything useful.
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