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  1. This all treats everything like there are these good guys call The Democrats. They are every bit part of the issue.
  2. Son of that litigation lawyer who relies on her maths skills to take on the bad guys Sue Doku
  3. I’m being thick. Please could you explain it as it looks like it might be good but I don’t get it.
  4. This thread has turned worse than the New Kit one.
  5. He coached me once at a summer camp for a session when I was about 10. He was lovely and I scored a goal. I really thought I was going to get signed due to a recommendation from him. Fancy stealing a child’s dream like that.
  6. why are you all so obsessed with counting crows?
  7. Mane scored and he didn’t so he’s looking like the one to sell if there are still any takers for him
  8. People always refer to the performance I gave against Eltham College U12s but this boy has done it at an even higher level than that and that’s what’s got to excite.
  9. Keita never gave a pen away #Thiagohno #notshabbyNaby
  10. It would a better end to the streak than a Salah hammy. Sorry if that sounds harsh but you don’t rise to the top in City and East London estate agency without being willing to see a man die.
  11. You’ve had a big few months defeating null and void and barriers to Thiago’s transfer through your posts so you should take some you time.
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