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  1. Not throwing toys.dude said i was racist cos i didn't tow his party line.Following on from having a pop at my slang usage and grammar and the music videos i post,i got no chance.plenty of other posters getting away with the stuff i'm getting s*** for. It's a f***ing no win.
  2. Oh f*** off.And y'all can f***ing delete my account if ya want,bunch of high and mighty w***ers.
  3. North Melbourne for me,s***tier!Not watched much of the AFL this season.The womens game is a good watch as well.used to watch em saturday afternoons in the pub,B.C. Yep,3 o'clock kick off on lfctv.
  4. Another overtime scam busted,https://www.universalhub.com/2020/officers-boston-police-evidence-unit-indicted. And they will roll out the bad apples routine.
  5. Were the Anti fascist's singing Bella ciao-da ?
  6. Bostonian


    Still in denial,https://www.kimt.com/content/news/Skeptical-Iowa-Sen-Ernst-suggests-COVID-numbers-are-inflated-572296141.html.so many bad loons.
  7. This went on sunday,https://www.boston.com/news/racial-justice/2020/08/31/photos-march-bike-ride-jacob-blake-boston.Baker called up the national guard on stand by.it was peacefull so news not really interested.
  8. Martino gone from nbc replaced by tim howard.Don't think i've heard much of Howards analysis way.
  9. Y'all can go correct all the other s***e on ere as well.
  10. Boss tha'la'.didn't know ya needed english language a-levels to post on You will never walk alone.
  11. He's gonna be fuming now equalized on 89 minute,winner in last minute of injury time! 3-2.
  12. o.t.t meldown by Sava Milosovic.partizan manager,runs on the field,tosses a water bottle towards the ref,boots a microphone after getting sent off.His team is winning and it wasn't even a poor decision by the ref.
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