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  1. Exactly. He actually did nothing of note here. Especially compared to Origi but some people are acting like he's a loss for this season! I've nothing against the lad and wish him well but find it strange. Hype indeed.
  2. 7 is a good total for a winger / wide player in the PL. However looking at his stats on Transfermarkt he also got subbed alot in PL games he did start. It points to something about his general level of performance. Perhaps its his level of fintess / tires in games etc.
  3. Agree overall re Wilson - he a bit of a strange one. He seems to be a good dead ball specialist and has a knack of scoring goals. Problem is if he's not scoring goals he doesn't appear to contribute alot in open play. Perhaps if he gets more consistency he could make it at a mid table PL club. '
  4. I agree at the moment. Brewster was here last season up until early Jan yet from what I recall Klopp consistently picked Origi ahead of him for PL match day squads. If Brewster was really that talented surely he'd have moved up the pecking order ahead of (an inconsistent) Origi And Brewster had been fit since the Barca home semi so his injury shouldn't have been an issue. Perhaps he will turn into a really good player but he's better off elsewhere for now but I'm trusting Klopp and his team here . Good deal all round me thinks
  5. Where will Jota most likely play?
  6. Not sure about that. Even if Brewster and Hoever did turn out to be decent international class players, we have just signed one of the best CMs in the world! At the moment neither are getting in our matchday squad. THis is 90% upside for us
  7. that doesn't make a difference to me whether he is 20 or even up to 24 - it is more his improvement trajectory over last few years and next few that our 'transfer committee' seem to be most concerned about. For example if we look at Mo, Sadio and VVD when they were 22 and where the were at, few would be predicting the players they are now. Mo did join Chelsea at 22 but from what I recall it wasn't viewed as a major signing at the time.
  8. True I was just using the 37 to show there's lots of game time. Our front 3 have been incredibly robust over last 3 seasons in PL. They've started almost every PL game minus a total of 15 (Excluding Bobby 3 seasons back) , So full credit to them and the back room conditioning team. I'd just be very surprised if they have that 'run' in to a fourth season.
  9. True though hasn't looked up to the required level yet in my opinion.( I don't trust pre season as a good indicator) Maybe he will come good given he has now had time to bed in re our systems and physical conditioning etc. Time will tell.
  10. Maybe the club didn't want Werner but my point is more relate to another quality forward.
  11. If we signed Werner (or another quality forward) similiar or just below the level our current front 3 he wouldn't sit on the bench though. We will play 38 PL games plus (e.g) 10 champs leages ganes and 2 other key matches = 50 games x 3 starting forward berths per game = 150 150 divide by 4 forward players = approx 37 starts each. That doesn't include sub appearances, injuries or international tournaments etc. Point is there will loads of opportunities for Mane, Salah, Bobby plus one other top class forward. throughout the season. THe competition is good too.
  12. We have no 'real depth' across out front three. Is our squad any bigger than other teams competing for the Premier league and / or European cup? I doubt it.
  13. It can't be that hard for us to shift Karius, Shaqiri and Grujic if we really want to? In terms of wages I guess Karius is on 40k to 50K per week given we only paid 5 mill and he came to challenge Mingolet. Shaquri on 40 - 50K given his fee and age.... Grujic on 20K roughly? So not on massive money In terms of transfer valuations none of them are going for mega money so even if we have to slightly drop price to sell it won't have a massive impact. So I don't really see how these players would hinder us from signing new players? As in we can shift them. If we had an A
  14. I think both these points are relevant for a short period of time before lockdown too. E.g. Our finishing v Atleti, defending against wolves waford, west ham games - chances conceded etc
  15. He scored 10 in 20 in the championship - not exactly setting the world alight but decent. Way to early to suggest he can do it at top level.
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