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  1. Agree with Cymro. Bit gutted about Ki-Jana. Think he’ll be a player. Hope there’s a buy back.
  2. ian1204


    He’s fine and sends his best. He says he’s avoiding football completely at the moment – not even watched any highlights!
  3. ian1204


    Ta for the greetings (and other comments too). Long time lurker friend and acquaintance of tommy cockles and biggest joe allen fan in the dark house
  4. ian1204


    Hi Zishan good to know you ynwa
  5. That’s fantastic kop205 was there with my 18 year old lad today am sure your dad had a great day and was really proud of you all (and the reds too) All the best
  6. Get well soon Jose. All the best and Ynwa
  7. Very sorry to hear that Leroy
  8. Good luck and all the best Rigobert. YNWA
  9. Incredible statement Joe is boss
  10. He's f@@@in fantastic well in Joe
  11. Most underrated player we've had for years. New contract well deserved. We should keep and start him. He'll be a star next season, wherever he is.
  12. Should definitely keep Joe. He keeps everything moving and is now getting in the goals too. Will be great if we can keep Sturridge fit and/or get more movement up front.
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