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  1. They might as well give us the trophy now
  2. Makes Chappers, Robbie Savage and Paul Merson live from Home Park with a bag of balls seem like a good watch.
  3. Good luck to him, glad he's in a better place and getting on top of it.
  4. That's going to leave Chelsea a bit short in midfield...
  5. Breaking news ain't what it used to be.
  6. This could help bring out the best in Keita too. He can clearly bring creativity through the middle in an advanced role. The risk is when he dribbles/tries something intricate and loses the ball we're more exposed in a 433. The four in midfield option should give him more freedom to take people on centrally.
  7. Forgot about Keita tbh. Really want to see Jones get some minutes this season though.
  8. So with everyone fit, what's our first-choice match-day squad... Alison Trent VVD Gomez Rob Fabinho Hendo Thiago Mo Bob Sad Subs: Adrian, Matip, Jones, Gini, Milner, Jota, Mina Decent...
  9. As centre halfs go, I would say Dunk is a household name. Happy with him as back-up. Can't see it though.
  10. V excited about these two signings. Big change to mood with them coming in. Hopefully energises the current team too. Also clearly shows moaning about lack of transfers pays off...
  11. I'm put in mind of weapons of mass destruction.
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