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  1. Yeh possibly, though think it would be better for him to spend first season with the first team, acclimatising with AliBobinho, learning how we play etc. Assuming we actually sign him that is...
  2. If our only signing for up front is going to be this Brazilian kid, we need to keep Origi for another season.
  3. He may be good enough in strictly footballing terms (though seems he has dropped off the level he was at with us). For me it's about the effect on the squad mentality and unity. It's clearly been a massive part of the effort to get the mental approach right and choosing carefully players that can continually push themselves every week. I'm not sure Coutinho fits that profile physically or mentally. Perhaps most importantly the potential impact on the psychology of the squad if they see him walking back in after the hissy fit he made to get out ('right, so we need to be fully committed to this project, together, hard-working but I can also stomp out and still come back a few years later...'). Too risky.
  4. Is it from a reliable source that Man U are ready to throw 300k/week at Sancho?
  5. Yeh, and my reasons are mainly not footballing ones. I reckon he had the full Klopp vision outlined to him. And he didn't buy into it. His return could be a risk for the togetherness of the squad that Klopp's built. Dislike him and his manner of leaving more than any player in recent memory.
  6. I can see that on one hand... On the other he's been bumped from Barca to Bayern to wherever next...not a good sign. And my lasting image is his sour puss and sense of grievance when he left.
  7. Nah, can't see him as one of the mentality monsters.
  8. Anything by TheFirm I can't help but read in a Ray Winstone voice.
  9. In the minority I'm sure but despite his regular haplessness, I don't have any ill feeling for Dejan. Seems like a trier and a good character, just not good enough ultimately. I mean he's no Moreno.
  10. Not permitted by their 4231 formation but I would go: Clemence TAA Hansen VVD Nicol Gerrard Souness Suarez Kenny Barnes Rush Feels a little early for Trent, but only a matter of time before he's a shoe-in...
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