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  1. Pitch reminds me of baseball ground,Alan Hinton and white boots
  2. RIP Ron Saunders.He was from Wirral, I remember working briefly with his brother Irving in the mid 90's ,he was a merseyrail train driver.
  3. saltysam


    it was amazing.even managed to buy a player,never played a game and got us our money back 10 months later- Frank McGarvey
  4. Got all 10 on Tuesday as have been on 19 for a few seasons now, all upper main though,£544 ouch
  5. My first game was a 1971 Derby at Goodison, my toffee dad took me. We lost 1-0...i don't think they scored another league goal in a derby for 7 years after that i think.
  6. Leicester can still finish 7th so they'll certainly be having a go at City.
  7. Not a bad result that.Cardiff win next week and Brighton don't,they'll have to try and get something off City.
  8. Spent two days in Brighton last month. It is tatty & tired, a few good boozers though.
  9. 24 pts though they have a game in hand after which the gap will hopefully be 21
  10. Need Cardiff to win their next two now,would likely leave Brighton needing something against City so at least they'd try.
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