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  1. On second thought he pisses me off. Maybe he is to elegant for this league. He is so lovely to watch when it comes off but he’ll be a primadonna amongst brutes on most days won’t he. f***ing hell I want it to work
  2. Almost gave him up tonight. Takes ridiculous chances leaving our back four/two exposed. Trying to turn an entire midfield even if they’re s*** and only three in one move while you’re fullbacks are gone running. Oh Naby. No. He is trying to hard. It’s the pressure I think. Play him as much as common sense allows. And for gods sakes play him in Europe. On a personal level: I believe in Naby Keita. He should and will be special for us. I just have no idea why he’s receiving the ball so deep. Today he was like a light footed and technically brilliant Lallana. Not something we have missed imo. Sorry for the driveling.
  3. We were f***ing great. Quite alot of good things could be said about Norwich too really. Kinda hope they stay up
  4. If we deem spurs worthy of the agression we layed into barca in the second half we'll batter them. I've just watched the second half for the umpteenth time to soothe pmt and it may be the best half of football I've ever seen. Aggro was key. Aggro releasing all the traits this side inhabits. We all know them. But anger and will set them free. If we deem spurs worthy of the agression we layed into barca in the second half we'll batter them. Tonight will be a night we will all remember for the rest of our lives for the right reasons, with pride and passion. Have a good one everyone. Bring the aggro. Up the f***ing reds!
  5. Gini. The ball was in play 31 seconds between his first an his second. I'm not a numbers kind of man but I've gone Rainman here trying to pull my head back down. Sat in silence since the end of game in awe of this monumental experience. What a team this is.
  6. I both hope and expect he will. I like Joel. I hope he plays the rest of the league games unless Gomez is fully fit again.
  7. I have no idea why anyone would want Lovren ahead of Matip beside VVD if both are fit unless rest for more important games come into it. Matip is clearly both a better player and a better partner to Virgil. And he's not a nervous wreck unable to hold the line. I'd like Matip to stay and hope we sell Lovren in early june. Matip brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right etc
  8. He's a lovely player, brilliant to watch. Has so much quality. Firminoesque. (sorry) But there are similarities both in technical ability and vision/movement/understanding of the game. And also in finding the best way utilise what he's got. It will take time but he is clearly a very special player. I think it'll take him time to get used to the league and the refs, I think Jürgen is vise to favour him in europe. I have all the time in the world right now to wait for him to fully become the player that is evedently possibly there. f***ing hell what a beautiful player he is in he's best moments. ps. I don't like his song
  9. Thought he was coming more onto his own tonight and would expect him to be back to his best very soon. Bobby is ace, such a vital player for us even when he's sort of underperforming. Tactically brilliant and clever. He's technique is sublime and he seems to be finding his touch again and showed it tonight I thought. I don't think any of the front three have really fired on all cyinders this far and theres no way it won't happen soon. It'll be magic again. With a better midfield behind. With a better defence behind that and a magnificent goalie.
  10. I'm firmly believing he'll be great for us. He got into great positions on the counter and was an outlet from under pressure. He'll continue to turn pressure to attack. I agree that the tempo might be a bit of a shock, but he's not been rewarded with the freekicks he should have had. And wolves have a good midfield and quite an exciting team. I thought the first half was absolutely frantic and was waiting for the moment they collapsed. And he's been the target of a couple of semi nasty challenges, and thought the stamp he recieved early on should have been given a yellow. If its down to he's quick feet or s*** referees either way he's had it tough even in his good games. Grat against burnley, very good today i thought. When this team clicks with Fabinhio and Keita in it and the front three get used to their directness I see nothing but wonder.
  11. Yes. Indeed. Ballwanting lads. With passing abilities and control. A joy it is. And their positionin! Spectacular.
  12. We are magnificent. What a joy to watch us click and to see the number of passing options our team constantly provide in pressured situations and how every player knows wich passing option is best tacltcally. And how we are able to carve through seemingly with ease. We are so good on the ball and so good at providing options for each other it is stunning to see. What we did last year in attack we now do in defence under pressure. Easily finding a way out and breaking through lines. Wonderful. The solidity we showed tonight was fantastic. Top of the league. Merry christmas
  13. Clearly a very special player. I’m grateful that I get to see what he turns out to be and f***ing love him. Feels like when Torres joined. We’ll not be the same team with him in it. I already love to watch Naby and he’ll be crucial for us. Never seen another midfielder play like him. Just special
  14. He's an absolute idiot unfortunately. I doubt he or anyone else needs is a book about him. "Advantages and disadvantages being John Arne Riise" is the title in norwegian, directly translated. It makes me go numb. He made it despite lack of real talent. He worked hard to get where he got and I do respect that though I wish he'd eased off. edit: I saw him just a few weeks/months after Istanbul. I was still buzzing. Yet I could not bring myself ´sharing my joy with him´. It makes me feel s*** but I pretended I did not recognise him. I want people to be happy but the display he provided made me go numb. Again.
  15. He is. He seems scared in comparison though and being scared puts you into positions you'd never be in if you weren't. TAA don't scare. He's like Omar from the wire. That being said Clyne did little wrong today. Other than finding himself in critical situations a couple of times that I thought was a result of fear. And that s*** is scary to me so I'm not really advocating it.
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