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Invision CS v4.7 (Paid)


  • These are resources that have been available on the Invision Marketplace
  • They are not currently available for purchase but are available for download by those who have purchased the resource via the Marketplace, and an active renewal exists (if one was required)
    • Details of purchases/renewals have been gathered from Invision's site
    • If you wish to obtain the files from this site you will need to sign-up:
      • Please use the same display name as you do on the Invision site, but add (Invision)
      • I can then begin further clarification that you are indeed that person, and add you to the items which you purchased.
  • These resources are intended for use only on the indicated versions of Invision Community Suite.
  • They are compatible with PHP 8.0 & 8.1
    • It should be assumed that they are not compatible with earlier versions of PHP unless indicated.

34 files

  1. $20
    When enabled, the administrator permission "Can sign in as members?" provides an administrator with a "Sign in as...." link when viewing a member in the ACP. This link, when clicked, will redirect the administrator to the front-end of the site where they are effectively logged in as that user and able to view the site as that user.
    A useful feature, which can help with understanding what a user sees and can do etc - however, it does allow that administrator to be able to sign in as other administrators and potentially gain access to sections of the site that are restricted from being viewed by that administrator normally.
    In reality, you should only provide this permission to people whom you trust - however, if you do wish to be able to allow this permission for some administrators while stopping them from being able to sign in as 'higher-level' administrators, then this application assists with that.
    How it works:
    Upon installation, navigate to the application in the "NE Applications" section of your ACP - you'll be in the 'Protected Groups' listing. Click 'Add protected group' and firstly select the group which you would like to protect. There are 2 fields: Allowed Group(s) - this a listing of the groups which have the 'Can sign in as member' permission Allowed Member(s) - this is a listing of the members who have the 'Can sign in as member' permission exclusively applied to them Simply pick the entries in those 2 fields, and save the form - those picked are the groups/members who will be able to see the option to allow them to sign in as members of that group chosen to be protected. Those unchosen will no longer see the option. An additional feature is in place which will assist with catching 'bad actors' who might attempt to sign in as someone who they are not allowed to sign in as - the login attempt will fail gracefully, and the user will be re-directed to the home page of the site. In addition, the attempt will be logged to the Administrator logs:
  2. $25
    When the 'Contact Us' form is used to send an email, the following will take place (if configured):
    email address provided by the user will be checked against the list of "non-registrable email addresses" in your ban filters. email address provided by the user will be checked against various online resources to determine if email address is likely to be that of a known spammer. IP address of the sender will also be checked against various online resources to determine if the IP address is that of a known spammer. See this post for the background:
    Change log information up to and including 2.3.1, in reverse order
  3. $25
    What is it?
    It's a new iteration of these plugins, but with loads of added goodness:
    (NE) Add 'Preview' button in Forums (for IPS 4.3 & 4.4 only) (NE) Add 'Preview' button in Forums (for IPS 4.5/4.6 only) What can it do that the previous plugins can't?
    The plugins above were created to provide a 'Preview' button at the bottom of the 'New topic' and 'Comment' form in the Forums application only (like in the old days). When clicked, the button simply launches IPS' own 'Preview' functionality in the editor - that button is in the Editor toolbar, and some felt it wasn't too logical being there.
    This new application, however...
    is not limited to the Forums application - it is for any front-end Editor instance in any application, including 3rd-party applications if you find a page where this doesn't work, please report it for further testing the button can now be configured as follows: located either directly under the editor or at the bottom of the form on which the editor exists you can style or size the button too, all via the  settings supports multiple editor instances Example: let's say you have a Pages database with 2 editor instances - each editor could have its own button below it, which handles that editor instance only. Or the button at the bottom of the form would enable the preview in all editors on the page. oh, and now when you click the button to turn on the preview you can click the button again to turn if off (instead of needing to scroll up to the top of the preview to click the IPS-provided close button) The 'Who' & 'Where' for the button being available are all tied to the groups/areas setting for the 'Preview' CKEditor plugin provided by IPS in the Editor itself (Customization -> (EDITOR) Toolbars ... click the button) Important notes:
    Editor instances in the ACP are not supported.
  4. $20
    Purchases of this application are now disabled, as Facebook plan to discontinue the chat plugin:

    What is it?
    This adds Facebook's "Chat plugin" functionality to your site, allowing your configured visitors to initiate Facebook Chats with your Facebook page.
    Simple - it adds the code provided by Facebook to your theme without the need to edit the theme itself. All you have to do is provide your Facebook Page ID to the resource's settings.
    But how do I do that?
    Well, first you do the following (correct at the time of posting this, and will be updated as and when Facebook change their instructions):
    Go to your Facebook page In the 'Manage Page' column, locate and click 'Meta Business Suite' On the resulting page, ensure you are on your desired page - there is a dropdown at the top listing pages, just in case you have multiple pages Click 'Inbox' Click the cog icon in the top-right, then click 'View all settings' Click 'Chat Plugin' Click 'Set up, then 'Standard' and then follow the prompts to: Set your language Add your site domain (include test domains, if needed) Copy the code (you'll need this soon) Paste the code (pretend you've done it, and click 'Finish') You can configure the chat plugin further, if you wish, via the 'Customise your Chat plugin' section Then you look at that copied code, find the line that contains the 'page_id' chatbox.setAttribute("page_id", "123445523342432376"); The series of numbers in there is, surprise surprise, your Facebook Page ID: 123445523342432376 So copy it and add it in the relevant field in the resource's settings in the ACP. While you are at it, also grab the version number from the code version : 'v16.0' The value (example: 16.0) can be added in the relevant fiel in the resource's settings in the ACP if it is higher than the default value already present.  
    Changelog up to and including v2.0.1
  5. $25
    "(NE) browser-update.org integration" will provide you with the ability to present a notification to users of "out of date", insecure and/or unsupported web browsers, providing those users with guidance on how to update their browser.
    Notification functionality is provided by https://browser-update.org/, based on the configuration elements enabled in the settings of the plugin or application.
  6. $20
    This resource will allow:
    members from configured groups to toggle blocks down to their titles and back. Supports blocks in the header, footer and sidebar of the site the toggled state of each block is remembered as the user browses the site. administrators to toggle sections in the Block Manager administrators to toggle menu sections in the ACP Note:
    Pages blocks support for Pages WYSIWYG blocks has been added with v1.1.0 the resource does support custom blocks whose 'Content' output uses the following HTML structure <h3 class="ipsWidget_title">TITLE</h3> <div>CONTENT</div> IMPORTANT: if you have a block which uses a different HTML structure then please ask before you buy. using Forums as an example: a block on an index page differs from a block on a topic page...collapsing the former will not reflect as a collapse on the latter. the toggled state of blocks is browser-specific - actions performed in Chrome, for example, will not be reflected in Firefox. (Maybe a later version though)
  7. $50
    This application will allow your users to indicate whether the content of their forum topic/post potentially contains information which others may consider to be offensive, or may elicit a negative emotional response upon reading.
    Administrator functionality to configure forums where the ability to add a warning is available configure groups which are permitted to create new warnings via the front-end functionality configure the display of warning indicators in topics/posts configure action to take if a post containing a warning is quoted by a user Manage warnings (create/approve/delete/change default 'hide' behaviour) Moderator CP functionality to manage existing warnings Monitor content warning usage User account settings to configure whether to hide content if a post is flagged with specific warnings view any warnings that they may have created Content warnings are displayed in topics/posts topic titles on forum index pages topic previews, when hovering the cursor over the title Search results/activity streams Other items: If configured, content is hidden until a click of the warning indicator is performed Content which is hidden will not have 'Quote' functionality available until the content has been viewed If the "Create new warning" functionality is available for users... Notifications are sent to Moderators/Administrators when a user creates a new warning. Notifications are sent to users when their warning has been approved by an administrator via the ACP
  8. $30
    This resource simplifies the addition of the Crisp Chatbox to your site, giving a 'one-stop' location for you to easily configure the addition of the required HTML code to your site to provide the following:
    Your Crisp website ID Configuration for the support of Crisp's 'Session Continuity' functionality. Configuration for the support of Crisp's 'Identity Verification' functionality. Configuration for modifying the cooke expiry interval for Crisp's cookies. Configuration for sending information about your authenticated users to Crisp's system. Once configured, a widget can then be placed on to the site pages where you wish your chatbox to be available, with the ability to restrict visibility based on group membership.
    Addiitonal settings exist on the 'Site Settings' tab to accomodate the following:
    If you do not wish to make use of the widget, and simply want the Chatbox everywhere then an "Enable everywhere" setting exists to do just that, with an additional setting to restrict visibility based on group membership. As well as the use of a widget, there are areas where a widget cannot be placed and to accommodate this there are some hooked areas which can be enabled: Enable on login page? Visible to guests only, naturally. Enable on registration page? Visible to guests only, naturally. Enable on offline page? An additional setting exists to restrict visibility based on group membership. Enable on errror pages? An additional setting exists to restrict visibility based on group membership. IMPORTANT
    Most of the functionality provided by this resource can be achieved by editing your theme templates, so if you are comfortable doing that then you don't need this resource. The chatbox provided is NOT a user-to-user chat system - do not purchase this if your requirement is for a user-to-user chat system. The support provided for this resource is limited to the integration it provides - it doesn't include providing support for using the Crisp site itself. An additional cost per month is required if you choose to use Crisp's Pro or Unlimited plan (Pro is required to be able to use the "Identity Verification" functionality provided by this resource)  
  9. $25
    How to use (NE) Custom Field Placeholders
    The following information is provided to assist you with using the application - if you need assistance then post in the application's support topic and provide an indication of what field it is that you want to configure
    What is a 'Placeholder'?
    A placeholder is used to display a textual hint which describes what should be entered in to an input field, and is displayed when the field is empty. As the user enters content in to the field, the placeholder disappears from view.
    What fields in the IPS Community Suite support this?
    Some fields added by developers using the IPS 'Form Helper' functionality (i.e. the majority of fields) can support this attribute. These are:
    Text Email Password Search Tel Url TextArea (see Note #1 at the base of these instructions) Key/Value How to configure a placeholder?
    It is not possible for a list of all fields in the IPS Community Suite to be collated together in a nice and simple configuration page - configuration is going to require you to get hands-on with figuring out information about the input field which you want to affect.
    How do I do this?
    Most browsers now have an 'Inspect Element' option to determine information about a HTML element. It is this functionality which will be used to obtain the information needed to configure a placeholder for a field. Firstly, you need to determine the ID of the field which you want to affect as follows:
    Right click on your chosen input field Click on 'Inspect Element' Your browser will display the HTML code for the page, focussing on your chosen item The 'id' information is what is needed here. It will begin with one of the following: elInput_ elTextarea_ Note the 'id' information for the field and discard the 'elInput_' or 'elTextarea_' to retrieve the id which can be used to target the field with a new placeholder Example - getting the ID of the main title field on the 'New Topic' form in the Forums application
    The HTML code for the field is: <input type="text" name="topic_title" value="" id="elInput_topic_title" aria-required="true" maxlength="255"> The 'id' for the field is elInput_topic_title We discard the elInput_ from the id to give topic_title
    Create a new placeholder in the application
    Click on 'Add placeholder' Enter the id information e.g. topic_title Enter the text which you would like to display in the field Click Save Go and take a look at the result Notes
    "TextArea" does not mean "Editor" the editor fields on IPS are provided using CKEditor, which has its own 'Placeholder' functionality using a CKEditor plugin and requires additional configuration. This functionality is entirely outside of the scope of this application. If a developer has already added a placeholder to a field then this application will not replace it - the chances are that they have implemented a language string for the placeholder, so if you wish to change the text displayed in an existing input field then search for it in your Languages.
  10. $20
    This application will allow you to choose to display custom profile fields on the 'Quick Registration' sign-up form.
  11. $15
    This resource will allow you to give your users the ability to delete their notifications if they wish.
    You can choose to restrict the functionality to specific member groups, and also allow the user to delete notifications based on the application from which they came.
  12. $20
    This application will allow your users to display up to a configured number of their badges on the 'author pane' in a forum topic.
    Admin settings include:
    Number of badges that are allowed to be displayed Size at which the badge should be displayed (separate settings for Desktop and Phone) Option to display a tooltip on the badge Option to remove the 'Rare' tag from the badge Changelog up to, and including, v1.4.0
  13. $20
    Application which can be used to update the display name in quotes and mentions
    Why is it needed?
    The display name of a quoted or mentioned person is captured and stored at the time a post is made, and changes to display names are not reflected in older posts. Settings allow you to target quotes and/or mentions. Mentions: optional setting to remove the @ sign from the mention Setting available to handle how to display the details of a deleted user  
    What the application doesn't do - do not purchase this if any of the following are items you would like the application to handle:
    update the display name in any quotes which pre-date IPS 4.x, because the member ID of the quoted person was not captured in the quote until IPS 4.x was released. As a result, it is not possible to lookup a member's account due to the lack of this member ID. it also doesn't keep track, in any way, of a user's display name history. If UserA is quoted, and then changes their name to UserB, and you then delete this user....that original quote will no longer display as 'UserB'...it will revert back to being 'UserA' it cannot look up the "last known name" of a deleted account. Why? Because the account has been deleted, the content associated with it has had the member ID reset to 0. Therefore it is not possible to look up content for deleted member as no content for that member ID will exist anymore. it doesn't rebuild content in the database - content is modified at display time.
  14. $15
    Enhances the validation check performed on display names when a new account is being registered, and when an existing user is changing their display name.
    The default IPS behaviour on new registrations/display name changes is as follows:
    check on the display name is performed against the list of non-registrable words defined in Members -> Ban Settings upon submission of an invalid name, the form is invalidated and the user must update the name to then be valid this check doesn't check the display name against the list of bad words defined in System -> Posting -> Word filters when a 'valid' name is submitted, the bad word filter is applied to the account and the user's display name is changed to reflect the substitution performed. This application plugin will change the behaviour as follows:
    check on display name is performed against the bad word filter as well as the list of non-registrable words submitting a display name that is invalid as a result of the bad word filter will now be invalidated and the user must update the name to then be valid
  15. $25
    Application allows you to:
    impose limits on the number of words or characters which the editor content must contain before the content can be submitted in addition, the number of links/videos/emojis/spoilers/images can also be monitored settings can be imposed on a group basis, meaning that one group can have different limits to others, or have no limits at all settings are then imposed on an app basis (Forums/Calendar/Pages), and can target all or some of the elements within those apps
  16. $25
    Would you like a little more control over the Emoji menu/search in the editor?
    Ability to reorder Emoji groups You can now put your custom emoji group(s) at the top of the list, or reorder the native/Twitter emoji categories. Ability to disable Emoji groups You can disable certain Emoji groups from being visible when viewing the Emoji menu or performing a search for an emoji Example use-case: maybe you want to retire the use of your custom emoji groups - currently, you would need to delete those groups in the ACP but that then has a knock-on effect on already posted content that may contain one of those custom emojis. With this application, you can simply disable the custom emoji group and it won't be viewable on the front-end Users can expand/collapse emoji categories in the menu ACP setting to control the default state of the categories This feature is added in v1.0.3 IMPORTANT:
    this application doesn't stop the addition of emoji via copy/paste methods, or entry via the keyboard - it manages what is available to the user when they access the Emoji menu or perform a search. If you have disabled the use of emoji and only use custom uploaded images and you just wish to reorder the groups then you don't need this application - you can already do that, just drag the group names around in the area in the ACP where you manage your custom uploaded emoticons.
  17. $20
    What does this application do?
    Provides the ability to clearly separate pinned topics from non-pinned topics. Provides functionality which collapses the pinned topics section on page load. Provides functionality to reorder pinned topics without needing to reply to the topic, or change the topic's start date information. Admin has the ability to ensure that 'Featured' and 'Unread' pinned topics are always displayed. Control the transition effect (hide/show or fade-in/fade-out) and speed (slow or fast) at which the expand/collapse effect takes place. Users can click on the 'Pinned Topics' header to expand/collapse the listing of topics. CSS is provided to allow you to style the appearance of the separation sections Note:
    This application has been developed with the IPS default theme in mind and has not been tested on any other themes. If you are using a theme which has made changes to the HTML upon which this application acts, and it fails to work as a result, then please post in the support forum and provide a link to your site for review.  
  18. $25
    This resource allows you to hide all or some content from being viewable by members of specific groups.
    Content which can be configured to be hidden at present includes:
    All content Attachments Audio locally attached Code Images locally attached remotely embedded include/exclude emojis/emoticons Links internal links internal embeds external links @mentions Quotes Spoilers Video locally attached remotely embedded Additional settings exist to perform the following:
    First post in a forum topic can be allowed to display content, with replies then hiding the content Granularity exists in Pages, Calendar and Blogs to allow hiding of content in Records/Events/Entries and/or Comments and/or Reviews Allow search engines to view hidden content (note: be aware that this is considerd 'cloaking' - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloaking) Merge multiple instances of 'hidden' message (example: content contains 5 images, setting will force only 1 message to be displayed as opposed to 5) Convert images to links within quotes For guests, forcing display of the thumbail (if it exists) of an image instead of the full size image includes ability to not show the image at all, instead presenting a login prompt to the guest  
    Changelog from v2.3.0 up to, and including, v4.3.0
  19. $20
    Application which allows you to hide votes on polls, until either the poll is closed or forever. Ability to exempt groups so that results can still be seen by some users. Message displayed to voters to advise that results are hidden is configurable via language strings
  20. $30
    This resouce provides the ability to:
    present a HTML5 player for remotely hosted audio & video files. present a HTML5 player for locally attached video files which were added to your site prior to the installation of Invision Community Suite 4.3 (a native experience was added by Invision with that release) present a HTML5 player for locally attached audio files which were added to your site prior to the installation of Invision Community Suite 4.6 (a native experience was added by Invision with that release) control the group to whom the player is displayed (for both remotely hosted and locally attached audio/video files), along with the locations in the suite where that group will see a player implement additional controls over the player, browser-support allowing, such as: disabling full-screen option (for video) disabling the download option disabling the remote playback/casting option (for video) disabling 'picture-in-picture' option (for video) disabling right-click for the player apply a workaround to attempt to allow uploaded .mov files to be played in Chrome & Edge  
    Please note the following:
    Support does not extend to assisting you with researching how to add a specific audio/video file/codec to your browser (Google is your friend in this situation) Want to test your browser's ability to show a HTML5 player? Go here: https://tools.woolyss.com/html5-audio-video-tester/
  21. $25
    Application which will allow you to require that a user acknowledges a 'My comment is kind' field to allow them to submit a comment on the following:
    Forum topics Pages records Calendar events Member profiles (example: Status updates) Messenger messages A listing section exists to allow you to define who (either a user or a group) and where the field will be seen, and a setting to allow you some control over the positioning of the field itself.
    Currently, the application allows the presence of the field on the comment form only, as this is uniform across the suite.
    However, the forms for new elements of the above listed items are a little more complicated and a specific position and behaviour requires additional investigation. At a later stage, support for adding the field to those new items may be introduced.
    Some background information:
  22. $30
    Available features are:
    Share links Adds a Mastodon option to the default share services provided by the community suite. Populate the target Mastodon servers for share links If you list one server, then a normal Mastodon button will be displayed. However if you list multiple servers then that button becomes a menu instead. Use a Font Awesome icon instead of the bundled SVG image Requires the use of the (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS plugin or the (aXen) Font Awesome 6 in IPS application (by @aXenDev) Widgets (via API) Available widgets are Mastodon timeline (local instance and federated timeline) Mastodon trending statuses Mastodon trending tags Mastodon trending links oEmbed support for links from Mastodon instances
  23. $60
    (NE) Media Recorder will allow your users to record and upload audio and/or video recordings, all while on your community and without having to leave the site.
    IMPORTANT: Video recording was added with the release of v1.1.0 - please read the change log for that version prior to purchasing to ensure that you are aware of the functionality and its support.
    How to use (using the audio recording as an example):
    Click the button indicated...

    Respond to the request from your browser to provide permissions for the site to access your microphone (the prompt will differ depending on your browser, device and OS)...

    The recording begins - any limits on length or size will be indicated. When you are finished recording, simply click the provided button to stop the recording (you can also pause the recording, if you wish)...

    You will then be presented with a dialog prompt where you can:
    listen to your recording provide a filename if you wish (if you don't, a default one will be used), and this will be applied to the file when it is uploaded click OK to upload the file, or Cancel to discard the recording and start again download your recording, if you wish.
    If you click OK, your recording will be automatically uploaded to the editor...

    Via the application's settings in the ACP...
    Audio recording can be enabled and used in the following locations: Forums topics & comments Calendar events, comments & reviews Pages database records, comments & reviews Blogs entries and comments System (a.k.a. Core) Messenger Status updates (not available for comments, at this time) Announcements Limitations on the length or size of audio recordings can also be applied Once any applied limit has been hit, the recording will be stopped and the user will be prompted to upload the file Future features are dependent on the popularity of the application - the following are items that are in mind, but not guaranteed to be included:
    Expansion of the functionality out to other areas & applications within the community suite Addition of video recording to the application ADDED Addition of a transcription service (using 3rd-party "Speech to Text" APIs), converting uploaded audio files to text via a background task and adding that textual content to the search index.  
    Change log up to and including v1.2.0
  24. $20
    Application which enhances the information available in the list of names generated when using @mention functionality
    Option to show account's online status. Option to show icons showing the account's notification settings for "Someone mentions me in a post" i.e. email & inline includes ability to manage the icons for enabled/disabled status of those settings (uses Font-Awesome) Option to show name of account's primary group. includes ability to show group as plain text or as formatted in group settings. Ability to exclude certain groups from the list, as well as exclude banned and validating accounts.  
    Integration with the Group Mention application (by @kRSB) - enabling this integration will: provide a clear separation of Groups/Members in the resulting @Mentions listing display Icons within the Group Mention hovercard listing, as configured in the (NE) Mention list enhancments settings If using either the (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS plugin or the (aXen) Font Awesome 6 in IPS application (by @aXenDev) then you can now make use of FA5 & FA6 icons in this application Some known issues:
    The "Limit number of results displayed?" functionality provided by this application will not work as expected if you are also using the Group Mention application - this is purely down to the way in which both applications have to hook into the IPS function which generates the results for the @Mentions listing, and is unfortunately not something which I can currently workaround. The user control over whether to be included in the mention list has issues - these are planned to be fixed in the next release of this resource (which I must get back to completing!)
  25. $15
    In the Forums application, this resource allows you to bring awareness to new members and then display a message to other members
    criteria used are member group and content count the message is configurable as follows: can be displayed inline within the post content, either above or below that content or message can be displayed inline above or below the post container itself and/or a message can also be displayed above or below the topic content itself the message uses a rich-text editor, so can contain links etc. if you wish the message can be enclosed within an 'ipsmessage' box if you wish, with further personal customisation possible via the .neNewMemberIpsMessage theme template or you can style the message's container yourself using the rich-text editor and/or the provided neNewMemberNonIpsMessage theme template the message is not displayed to Guests, nor is it displayed to the author of a post if that author meets the criteria put in place Plugin made based on this request
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