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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.
  • If you are here as a result of the news from Invision that they plan to close the Marketplace, then welcome.

    Here is what you will need to do to be able to purchase/renew and/or download resources which you have previously purchased on the Invision Marketplace (putting it in a spoiler purely to make the block a bit smaller)

    1. Register an account on the site
    2. When Invision disable purchases on their Marketplace, I will be enabling functionality to allow you to redeem your purchases using Invision's provided keys

    Please note:

    • If a resource on Invision is a purchase with no renewals then it will remain that way on here when I assign that purchase to you.
    • If a resource on Invision is a purchase with renewals then it will remain that way on here when I assign that purchase to you
      • If your renewal on Invision has expired, it will still be expired here.
      • If your renewal on Invision hasn't expired, then your renewal date here will be the same as it was on Invision.
    • Support is strictly via the provided forums which you will be provided access to
      • Please use them in the first instance to report issues or submit enhancement requests.
      • If I identify that I required further information of a private nature then I will request it via PM.


    @Nathan Explosion

Invision CS v4.7 (Free)


  • These resources are intended for use only on the indicated versions of Invision Community Suite
  • They are compatible with PHP 8.0 & 8.1
    • It should be assumed that they are not compatible with earlier versions of PHP unless indicated.

5 files

  1. Free
    Nice & simple - displays a message at the top of the screen if it has been determined that there may be an ad blocker enabled in the browser.
  2. Free
    It's like Kitchen Sink, but it's my Box of Tricks
    Available on the Marketplace (NE) Click to view password (added in v1.0.0) (NE) Unread icon for forum categories (added in v1.0.0) (NE) I can haz profile photo, not hamburger? (added in v1.0.0) (NE) USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS reminder (added in v1.0.0) Previously provided via forum or PM (NE) Override 'All Activity' as default stream (added in v1.1.0) (NE) Manage 'Create New Stream' permissions (added in v1.1.0) (NE) Language usage counter (added in v1.2.0) (NE) Order databases in "Create" menu (added in v1.2.0) (NE) Member deletion content (added in v1.2.0) (NE) Change 'Code' default language (added in v1.2.0) (NE) Hide advertisements from search engines (added in v1.3.0) (NE) Additional Pages media types (added in v1.3.0) (NE) Remove 'Newsletter' from notification settings (added in v1.3.0) "Main site elsewhere" effect on header (added in v1.4.0) "Require message on report" (added in v1.5.0) "External login filters on Members table" (added in v1.6.0)
  3. Free
    By default, accounts using the Google Login Handler will automatically synchronise the photo of a Google account.
    So here we are - this resource allows you to set which groups are allowed to sync their Google photo...simple as that.
  4. Free
    Pretty much what it says in the name - this will highlight the differences between edits made by users, as long as you have the 'Edit log' setting set to store the edits.
    See the following for the background:
    See the 'Additional information' for support details.
    This application makes use of Caxy Interactive's 'PHP-HTMLDIFF' library, which is available for use under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (version 2). No modifications have been made to the source code of this library
    Website: https://github.com/caxy
    Repository: https://github.com/caxy/php-htmldiff
    License: https://github.com/caxy/php-htmldiff/blob/master/LICENSE
  5. Free
    Adds a Whatsapp option to the default share services provided by the community suite.

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