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Having trouble logging in with your display name?

Nathan Explosion

As indicated previously, on 1st November the ability to login to the site using your display name was disabled. Going forward, you should login in using the email address associated with your account.

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in then:

  1. If you are using your display name, please begin using your email address
  2. If you are using your email address:
    • Please ensure you are using the correct email address, which is the one associated with your account on here.
    • Your password is unchanged - please ensure you are using the correct password.
    • If you do not know the password (possibly because you are used to your browser caching it for you) then please use the "Forgot your password" link to obtain a password reset.
  3. If you fail to login successfully 5 times then your account will be locked for 1 hour.
    • During that hour, sit tight - wait until the hour passes and refer to step 2 above.
    • Attempting to reset your password during the locked period may not work successfully, so please don't attempt to do so.

If you are still experiencing issues after the above, click the 'Contact Us' link below and send in full details of your problem and provide the email address that you are attempting to use, along with your display name.


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