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Stickers or similar?

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Anastasia Beaverhausen
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Posted 15 October 2006 - 06:50 pm

I get the train to town every morning, and it comes from Manchester. There's a few people on that train who must be thick or something because they're openly reading the Scum in front of everyone. I know I'm not the only one who stands (f**kin Northern Rail only send two carriages) there glaring at these people, because I see other people reacting the same way I do. Now, it's first thing in the morning, the train is packed, and I'm not always in a position to crawl across hundreds of people to ask these people if they know about the boycott, and if so, why they're still "reading" (looking at the pictures) this comic. To be honest, much as I'd like to, I'm sorry to say I don't have the energy to argue with these morons, and they probably wouldn't understand anyway. I'd still like to make a point though.

I'd find it really handy to have a sticker or flyer or something I could stick in my pocket and carry around for just this occassion, that gave a brief "these are the reasons we're boycotting this comic" along with a web address with more info. I'd have no problem sticking one right on their comic before I get off the train, or attach it to their jacket or whatever. Is there anything like this around? Or does anyone have any suggestions for copy etc I could put onto a sticky label myself. I can print up a small number at work quite easily.

Ta (and by the way, there are still Hillsborough stickers all over those Liverpool-Manchester trains from months ago).

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