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easy excel one for youse

General 16 May 2019
want to find if a value is within a grid - usually VLOOKUP would do that but the value could be in column A, B or C.    I can stack VLookups, but isn't there a better way?    I only care whether the value is there, not its relative position etc 
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Las Vegas

General 14 May 2019
First time here in a long time. I used to come here a fair bit for work but not in my new gig. My missus wanted to see it and we’re doing a few shows. I’m not a gambler so they had no appeal. I’ve got to say that it’s a bit crap. Dated as hell in places and just a bit sad. Anyone else had an ex...
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Forum phrases that need to die

General 13 May 2019
“Treated like a dog”. No offence to those who use it, but it’s beyond tired and it needs sacking off.
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Man of the Match - Game 52 - Wolverhampton Wanderers - Ho...

Liverpool FC 12 May 2019
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The great comebacks

Liverpool FC 10 May 2019
Got into a discussion on twitter with Sir Bob @bobthered about whether 05 or 19 was the better.    I have thoughts on this that I'll have to form before posting.    Essentially -    19 LFC much better team 05 Milan I argue better than 19 Barca   05 we had 45m to...
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