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Announcement: Site downtime: forum software upgrade (postponed)

Posted by Nathan Explosion

Nathan Explosion
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On the evening of June 15th June 16th June 22nd (postponed again because of an issue that has come up with IPS 4.3.4), I will be taking the forum offline to perform the long awaited upgrade of the forum software to the 'latest and greatest' from Invision (that's version 4.3.4 at this point in time)


New date will be decided once this new issue has been resolved.


The upgrade process will involve the following:

  • Turning off access to the forum for all users.
  • Backups of database and existing forum software.
  • Upgrading the forum software.
  • Multiple tasks then need to be run on all the post content on the site to restructure it for use with the new forum software. During this process, the forum might be re-opened for read-only viewing
  • Once step 4 has been completed, implementation of a customised theme for the site will be performed.
The fourth of those items above is the one that will take the longest time - it involves a series of tasks to be run against the database and the forum will be offline for the majority of the process.
In advance of the upgrade, please be aware of the following:
  • Your login name for the forum may change.
  • Currently everybody logs into the forum with what is referred to as the 'Log in name' only.
  • Each user account also has a 'Display Name', and in some cases this display name is different to the log in name (for example, my account)
  • With the upgrade of the software, this dual-naming setup will be removed and the display name will be used to login to the forum.
  • Simply put:
  • if your log in name and display name are currently the same then you're unaffected.
  • if your log in name and display name are not currently the same then you will need to change over to logging in with your display name AFTER the upgrade.
[*]I will also be enabling the ability to login to the forum using your email address.


As I expect there to be confusion with logging in after the upgrade, which may lead to people requesting reminders for passwords etc, you are encouraged to go here and ensure that you have an up-to-date email address added there.


It is expected that the forum may be back online at some point on Sunday, but most likely the work will extend in to Monday morning - it all depends on step 4 above.